See you in San Diego in NEXT WEEK!

by | Jan 3, 2020 | Business-Building Resources

Happy New Year!!!

Are you starting 2020 with the intention for upgraded abundance and income in the new year?

Yeah, me too. I don’t know who isn’t!?

But, I’m guessing that you want to do it in a way that feels light, aligned and easy… not struggling, stressful or slimy.

Yeah, me too.

When Heather and I sat down to create our 2020 plan, we both wanted expansion in the new year to feel like ease. Like we were attracting and magnetizing and drawing to us what we wanted – not using “push energy” at all.

Well, then if you are just a few hours’ drive from San Diego or you have airline miles that you can use on a last-minute flight…

I invite you to join Keri Nola and me at Healers Code Live in sunny San Diego NEXT WEEK on Jan 11 -12!

Come “play with us” (as Keri always likes to say!) at “the intersection of soul & strategy” as you:

  • Magnetize soulmate clients
  • Upgrade your abundance frequency (<— this is my favorite part of the event!)
  • Radiate your real self
  • Confidently sell your gifts
  • Free your fear of being seen
  • Master a new marketing mindset



Many healers are afraid that we have to abandon our hearts to make money.  

That’s simply not true. We can have them both.

At Healers Code Live!, you’ll get high-touch, heart-centered content focused on messaging and marketing so you can be seen, heard, and hired with ease AND you’ll get healing from the inside out. Sounds dreamy, right!?

Not only that, but I’ll be speaking on stage again this year about how to get legally covered so you feel FREE to attract more abundance.

Join us NEXT WEEK at “Healer’s Code Live” HERE. 

Here’s to giving yourself permission to receive more abundance – and to giving you a hug in person at Keri’s live event!