The most infamous duo around 💸😬

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I love that we live in a world with so many famous duos.

Fred & Ginger. Bert & Ernie. Miss Piggy & Kermit. Oprah & Gayle.

But I dare you to name a more infamous duo than money & stress.

They often work together in a vicious circle where you can’t have one without the other.

If you’re reading this and you’re someone who:

  • Sacrifices time with your loved ones to make more money.
  • Feels shame around your current financial situation.
  • Easily feels overwhelmed when it comes to your finances.
  • Tells yourself you are ‘bad at math’ or ‘bad with money’ to avoid looking at your books & bank accounts.

Stressful money is giving your nervous system the ride of its life—and not in a fun roller coaster kinda way. 🎢

But here’s the truth…

Our level of financial stress isn’t based on what’s in our bank accounts. It’s based on what we make the amount MEAN. #truthbomb

What we make it mean is based largely on our nervous system imprints.

Ironically, when we start looking inside, the healing tends to shift our financial reality.

When you learn to signal to your body that it’s safe to expand, expansion becomes inevitable (and often automatic). You’ll start seeing:

  • Way more abundance without the hustle.
  • Unexpected windfalls.
  • Sales that basically make themselves.
  • New opportunities seemingly out of the blue.
  • Debts paid off easily.
  • Investments made with drool-worthy returns.

What would your life be like if you trusted yourself with money?

What if you walked into any money related situation with incredible confidence?

What if you felt your inherent worthiness in your bones?

My friend Kate teaches that when you rewire your brain and nervous system around money (and couple it with loving financial systems and proven methods for increasing income and investing) you can build lasting wealth.

This kind of relaxed relationship with money changes your life and also leaves the world better than you found it.

And it’s exactly what Kate Northrup teaches in her Relaxed Money program.

Relaxed Money

Relaxed Money is a 13-part live, online program (with an incredible community) to help you relax around money so you can become a magnet for abundance.

If you don’t already have a clear plan to:

  • Recover your time
  • Grow your savings
  • Grow your income
  • Create an impact from the overflow you’re creating
  • Instantly feel joy when you think about money

…then Relaxed Money is going to be incredibly supportive for you right here.

AND – If you join Relaxed Money through my affiliate link, I have a BIG loving legal gift to support your income.

You’ll also get your choice of a Legal Starter Kit from me.

I’m giving you a $1297 value to help you shore up your legal boundaries – no matter how you work with clients – and protect your income, disclaim your liability, and feel safe, secure, confident and empowered to RECEIVE MORE money in your biz!

You can choose from:

🌟Legal Starter Kit 1 – for working with 1-on-1 clients

🌟Legal Starter Kit 2 – for group online programs

🌟Legal Starter Kit 3 – for small groups/masterminds

🌟Legal Starter Kit 4 – for medical practices (licensed medical practitioners only!)

And if you’re not sure which Legal Starter Kit is right for you – no worries! My team and I will help you!

👉Learn more about Relaxed Money here and get my exclusive legal bonus!

I’m so excited for you to heal your relationship with money and start taking leaps, bounds, and strides towards a more relaxed approach to your finances.

You can take stress out of the equation and tell Miss Piggy & Kermit to move over to make ‘Money & Relaxation’ the best famous duo in your life.

Kate is going to help you:

⭐ upgrade your money mindset
⭐ create new emotional blueprints around money
⭐ heal your nervous system when it comes to receiving and expanding
⭐ put practical financial systems in place
⭐ and SO much more.

Heal your relationship with money inside Relaxed Money right here.

Please know that I’ll earn a commission for any purchases you make through my link—but know that I wouldn’t recommend Kate or her offerings if I didn’t truly believe in her work. Promise!