There’s safety in structure – here’s how.

by | Apr 18, 2017 | Blog, Business-Building Resources, Easy Legal Steps Bestselling Book

Recently I had a Style Session with my dear friend and professional stylist, Carrie Montgomery.

Carrie’s gift is meeting where you are in your style and envisioning the future vision of you and then selecting clothes that reflect who you are AND who you want to be. Isn’t that amazing?

I have always had a classic style…but with a twist.

I like structured, tailored Ralph Lauren professional dresses but in bright vibrant colors like cherry red, bright blue, canary yellow and fuschia. I like cute heels but with bows or jewels or cutouts – a little embellishment. I like boxy Kate Spade handbags but in colors like coral and dark green. #notyourtypicallawyer

When I was working with Carrie I realized that what I like about structure in my clothes and handbags is the safety it provides. It’s the side of me that finds comfort in tradition and wisdom from the past.

There is safety in structure.

But I also have a side of me that likes embellishments like bows, polka dots, ribbons, hearts and circles too. I like a little of the unexpected, modern style showing up in an expected, traditional style. It’s the side of me that likes to be modern, bright, and fun combined with the side of me that likes safety, structure, and comfort.

When I explained that I resonate with bringing the structure and safety of a classic traditional look together with modern and unexpected tweaks, Carrie labeled my style archetype as “Classic Visionary”. And I got chills.

Her assessment of me was spot on. It encompassed everything that I always talk about.

It’s how I’ve reconciled being a geeky bookworm health care lawyer AND a blonde, bouncy high school cheerleader. It’s how I love bioethics, philosophy and comparative religion AND makeup, magazines and mindless movies. It’s how I’ve combined being a health and life coach AND an attorney to call myself a Legal Coach and Holistic Lawyer.

I talk about this a lot in my #1 Amazon Best Selling book Easy Legal Steps…That are Also Good for Your Soul. It’s not about being one or the other. It’s not about having either a Classic style OR a Visionary style. It’s about having BOTH.

It’s all about the “and”.

And if you haven’t ordered my new book that brings law, chakras AND soul-centered principles together, then you’ll want to order by April 30th so you can get these extra fun bonuses.

It’s about bringing all sides of you together in a unique way that is true to you – in style, in business AND in life.

In fashion, just as in business, you can take the best of both sides of you. The best of the past you and the best of who you want to be in the future. The best of a Classic style and the best of a Visionary style.

How do you bring together the different sides of you? How do you define your style? What are the best parts of your past that you can bring forward and embellish today? I’d love to hear! Feel free to share your experience below.

Here’s to finding your style and to bringing all sides of you together in work and in play!

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