Top 3 Tips to Be More Visible, Vulnerable and Courageous

by | Aug 8, 2022 | Courage, Personal Confessions

When it comes to owning your own business, it seems that half the battle is daring to be seen and heard.


From the start, we are taught that holistic entrepreneurs need to create a website, write great copy, develop programs or products, send out e-newsletters, and build your list.

All of that is important, of course – please don’t get me wrong.

But, creating an online business with a strong presence is about so much more than business mechanics.

Through my own journey as a Legal Coach® and Attorney, I’ve discovered that finding the courage to share my true voice has been critical.

Success requires being visible, vulnerable, and courageous.



For many holistic entrepreneurs like me who either left the “corporate world” of sitting behind well-hidden desks, or a “household world” full of comfy yoga pants and Ugg slippers, getting “out there” hasn’t come easily.

Becoming visible, vulnerable and courageous requires diligent, ongoing work on an almost daily basis.

Not every once in a while, but DAILY – just like the focus and dedication of a daily yoga or meditation practice.
Even in my prior work experience as an Attorney, I was never required to be quite this “front and center” before.

I had no idea that people needed to connect with me personally through photos, stories, and videos before working together professionally. Online, we build trust through letting people “see and hear” who we are.

We, literally, are our companies, and therefore we have to be visible for others to find and connect with us.

This means that we have to be willing to show up and expose ourselves – (imperfections and all!) to truly serve others and create a successful heart-centered business.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t remember anyone telling me early on that daring to be seen and heard was so important. I would have paid a small fortune to have known from the outset that it would be so essential.

In spite of my own trepidation, over the past 10 years, I have worked with hundreds of health coaches and entrepreneurs as their Legal Coach® and Attorney to put simple legal protections and contracts in place, by taking small, consistent, courageous steps.

Based on what I’ve learned, and to save you time, energy and angst, here are…

My Top 3 Tips for Becoming More Visible, Vulnerable and Courageous:

1. Remember, you’re not under a microscope.

No one is watching your every move as much as YOU are watching your every move. No one is paying as much attention to what you do in your business as you think they are. Really. Even with all of the scrolling of Facebook, Insta and Tik-Tok, they’re too busy building their own businesses and running households that they don’t have the bandwidth to dissect everything you do. What a relief!

Don’t worry so much about making a mistake or about what other people think. Just keep on doing your thing.

2. Just grab the bat and step up to the plate.

Since it’s baseball season… no one ever scored the winning run while sitting on the bench, right? In order to score, you have to get off the bench, grab the bat, and step up to the plate. Yes, it’s scary. Yes, you’re doing things outside of your comfort zone. But, there’s no other way to hit a home run.

No matter what happens, the next time you step up to the plate, do it with the confidence, comfort and charisma that your aim is only on hitting a home run – and don’t get distracted from that.

3. Pivot anytime.

The beauty of being an entrepreneur is that you can change pretty much anything you want on a dime. If you don’t like your pricing or program today, you can literally change it on your website tomorrow. You get to call the shots. You get to change things. You get to edit or pivot whenever you want.

Somehow knowing we have such fluidity and flexibility in our business can give us the courage and freedom to try new things.

Building a successful online business as a holistic entrepreneur is ALL about learning to become more visible, vulnerable and courageous – so you can speak your truth with confidence.

You can do it. I know you can. I believe in you!

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