Top 5 program offers & the legal docs you need

by | Mar 21, 2022 | DIY Legal Templates

As I took a sip from my steaming hot mug this morning, it dawned on me that…

Legal documents are like coffee…

There are so many choices.

Not just in the type of beans, but in the beverage prep.

Let’s say you’re ordering a cappuccino at Starbucks. In the mood for a rich frothy cream on top? Go for it! Saving calories? Opt for half-and-half, or skim milk instead. Totally non-dairy? Order soy milk. Or almond milk. Or coconut milk – wait, what’s that? Gotta be nut-free? They now have oat milk! Ooooh, oat milk! Get yourself that oat milk!

Whew. Soooooo many choices, for so many situations… and so overwhelming before you even scan your phone to pay.

Likewise, legal docs can be overwhelming too.

So many options for so many situations.


Just like personalizing your cappuccino based on your dietary needs…

You want to use the correct legal doc to match your offer.

Most legal documents contain similar language to limit your liability, but they also differ in the language in significant ways based on your program type:

  • If you work with 1-on-1 clients, your legal doc should include clear language around when payment is due, missed payments, call cancellations, refund requests, and more.
  • If you offer a group program, your legal doc should include language around payments and refunds, but not around call cancellations because that isn’t relevant in a group setting. It needs different language about confidentiality too because you’re in a GROUP setting – and also what happens if someone steals another participant’s content (or yours!).. and so much more.

This is why you can’t just use ONE legal document for ALL of your offers.

For the same reason Starbucks has so many frothing options… it all depends on the situation.

It’s the type of program you offer which determines the legal doc you need.

Here are the top 5 program offers – and the legal docs you need:

1. If you work with 1-on-1 clients…use the DIY Client Agreement.

2. If you offer a group program and enroll through a sales page with a “buy now” button…use the DIY Terms of Use.

3. If you offer a group program and enroll clients through a discovery call… use the DIY Client Agreement for Small Groups & Masterminds.

4. If you offer a combo/hybrid program of group calls AND 1-on-1 calls (no matter how you enroll them)… use the DIY Client Agreement for Small Groups & Masterminds.

5. If you offer a self-study course or digital product sold through a sales page… use the DIY Terms of Use.

Just like coffee…there are so many (frothing!) options, for so many situations.

Know what document to use now? Let us know if you’ve gotten some clarity.

Still have questions? Comment below. We’re happy to help. 

Here’s to knowing which legal docs you need for your programs – and to getting legally covered!