[Facebook Live TOMORROW] Top 2 Tips To Have Contract Clarity

by | Oct 2, 2017 | Client Agreement

Is the Client Contract that you’re using a catastrophe?  

It’s time to fess up…

Are you using something you cut and pasted from the internet? (Oh boy!)

Did you copy someone else’s contract and make tweaks to use it for yourself? (Eeeeks!)

Do you even have a contract? (Dum, dum dum…)

That’s why my Legal Wonder Twin Gena Shingle Jaffe and I are doing a Facebook Live on Gena’s Facebook page here TOMORROW at 12pm ET to give you our “Top 2 Tips to Have Contract Clarity”.


Join Gena and me on Facebook Live and learn:

  • WHY you need clarity in your contracts – and how that translates to you KEEPING  MORE OF  YOUR MONEY
  • How to feel more CONFIDENT putting your work out there when you have a really strong Client Contract in place

Imagine how confident and strong you’d feel if you had…

  • A clear “no refund” policy so you don’t have to give refunds.
  • A way to protect your online course videos & pdfs from copycats.
  • A written agreement for your 1:1 clients so they can’t wiggle out of it.

I’m all about giving you info to EMPOWER you to be a strong, confident leader in your business. And that means that I’m hopping on Facebook Live to share some legal tips with you.

Join Gena and me on Gena’s Facebook page here TOMORROW at 12pm ET for 2 Tips To Have Contract Clarity!

Because Gena and I get filled up with warm-fuzzies inside by giving you FREE legal information that you would normally have to pay for, you’ll ALSO want to join us TOMORROW at 2 pm ET for our LIVE webinar on how to go From Contract Catastrophe to Contract Clarity! (Hint: You can save money if you attend LIVE and you need a contract!)  Register for the webinar here.