Want a ‘happy little practice’? Here’s how.

by | Jul 10, 2023 | Business-Building Resources

The coaching and entrepreneur world is always about ‘more, more more.’

But what if you’ve been looking deep within and hearing a little voice say:

“What am I actually chasing?” 

“Do I REALLY want to build an empire? Or do I REALLY want more time to play with my kids, or walk on the beach, or get together with friends?”

“How do I build a solid but successful business where I can make a good living, feel really good about helping my clients, AND time to do the things I love?”

Well, you’re in luck! My friend and colleague Karin Rozell helps solopreneurs create what she calls a “happy little practice.”



Get this – Karin and I both went to CoachU to become life coaches AND the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become health coaches. (Not at the same time, but she’s the first person I’ve met besides me who has done both!)

Karin also taught at IIN for a decade. Amazing, right?

She’s the author of 2 books – “Rockstars of Wellness” and “Write Now” – and a wife and momma of 2 kids in gorgeous Vermont (hence the hills in the background of her photo!).

I chatted with Karin in a Zoom interview to talk about her unique business philosophy in this crazy coaching world of “more, bigger and better.”

In our interview, you’ll hear Karen share her personal journey of transitioning from chasing success and feeling like she needed to build a large empire to realizing that she already had what she wanted.

She now focuses on serving a small number of clients exceptionally well to help them create their own version of a “happy little practice.”

She helps her clients with:

  • identifying their financial goals
  • honing in on their ideal clients
  • reverse-engineering their client numbers and pricing (this is the key!)

We also talk about setting boundaries and creating systems to support work-life balance… something that’s never easy for solopreneurs! (Who me? It’s hard for most of us, for sure!)

Watch our 20-minute Zoom interview here:

Listen for where Karen talks about shifting your mindset from being a formerly “good student” or “good employee” to thinking like an entrepreneur. So interesting!

BTW, in case you’re wondering, I’m not an affiliate for Karen. She’s not promoting any programs. I wanted to have a quick convo to introduce you to a coach who is following her own path… and helping others to do the same.

If you want to know more about Karin and get her free video gift called “Small Practice, Big Results,” you can find out more here.

Bigger isn’t always better. What’s important is knowing that you can build the practice you want – whether large or small – and have the life you dream of.

Here’s to getting legally covered – and to building a “happy little practice” to support your beautiful life!