How your intuition can help you KNOW your next right biz step

by | Dec 1, 2017 | Blog, Business-Building Resources, Chakras, Intuition

Our intuition already KNOWS the next right business step to take.

Take note. If you’re waffling about something in your life or work, try this on for size…

Your inner wisdom already knows the answer.

On a daily basis, our intuition is always talking to us. It’s whispering, guiding, nudging, and communicating with us.

But, with so much external noise in our daily lives, from whirring computers to incessant social media to constantly ringing cell phones, it can be hard to sift through the interference. Often we need to get quiet and create space to listen to our own voices so we can tap into what we already know to be true.

By the way, if you’re reading this and you struggle to tap into your intuition or you aren’t sure if you are really accessing it, you aren’t alone.

Many people aren’t sure what their intuition wants them to know—or how to even find out. There also can be times when we all might feel a bit afraid to “tune in” to get answers.

If you’ve been struggling with something for a while, you may fear that if a deep truth or answer comes to light, it might mean that you’ll feel prompted to do something uncomfortable. Or something scary. Or that might require change. Or that might hurt other people.

It takes bravery to tap into our intuition and be willing to hear what it says.

As I wrote about in Chapter 6 of my book “Easy Legal Steps…That Are Also Good for Your Soul”, it takes someone who wants to know the truth of what their soul desires – and align their life, words, actions and beliefs with what feels right for them in their soul.

It takes someone with courage.

That’s why I’m so excited to talk with Keri Nola about how to use your intuition to help you tap into what your intuition already KNOWS on Tuesday, December 5 at 12 pm PT/3 pm ET.

You’ll learn how to use your intuition to see what reveals itself as the next right biz step for you. Not for someone else…but for YOU. This can be a HUGE advantage when it comes to attracting clients and making money.

When you learn how to tap in and listen to YOUR inner voice, everything changes.

Join Keri and me to learn how to Invite Intuition into your business.


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If you don’t know Keri, she is a Best-Selling Author, Intuitive Psychotherapist, Energetic Visionary, Podcaster, Oracle Card Creator and Founder of the Sacred Soul Circle for Healing Entrepreneurs. While building and maintaining an abundant healing practice for over a decade, Keri’s work has since evolved to support Light Workers in awakening their gifts through virtual products, programs and retreats.

She is on a mission to ignite a global, heart centered conversation that allows entrepreneurs to activate their unique archetype and bring their precious light to the planet at this special time of humanity’s evolution.  

Keri has a beautiful way of inviting intuition to play a larger role in business and to approach work from a soul-centered approach. She’s also a client and a dear friend and I’m honored to share her heart, knowledge, and expertise with you.

This webinar #6 in the Grow With Grace Webinar series is all about helping you to build a soulful business with love.


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Keri and I are excited to dive into inviting intuition into business in the webinar. We hope to see you there!

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