[WEBINAR TODAY] How to organize and automate your wellness practice to save you time and money

by | Jul 24, 2019 | Business-Building Resources

I remember when I was starting out as a health coach, before I reentered the legal world.

I was working with 1-on-1 clients. I signed them up for discovery calls through Time Trade and used Paypal to send out invoices.

I diligently marked my calendar and sent out invoices each month for all of the clients who were in my 3-month coaching programs.

It worked just fine for a while…but then my practice picked up and in the first 18 months I had coached over 100 clients.

That’s a LOT OF INVOICES to send out each month.

Soooo, I knew I needed to uplevel my business systems. I just didn’t know where to begin to keep everything organized and efficient. 

What should I use to schedule clients? 
How should I send my Prep Sheets out? 
How can I invoice my clients without doing it manually every month? 
Where can I record client session notes? 
Where do I house my program content?

To be honest, there wasn’t always a clear and efficient answer for these questions. 

When I started my business, I would have loved a system to take care of all of these needs in one place. 

Join Nathalie Garcia, Co-Founder of Practice Better and me TODAY, July 24 at 12 pm PT/3 pm ET to learn more about how to use an online system like Practice Better to automate your business.

You can register for the webinar HERE (we will email you the deets!).

Practice Better Webinar.png

This webinar will help you if you’re:

  • Ready to start seeing clients – or already working with clients 1-on-1
  • Ready to launch your online program and need a place to host it
  • Feeling frustrated at the ‘extra’ work you’re consistently doing for every client. 
  • Feeling disorganized in your business
  • Feeling like it’s time to uplevel your systems to save your time and sanity!

In this webinar we’ll be sharing:

  • Why it’s so important to have systems in place in order to be successful in your wellness business – so you don’t go crazy or work yourself to death! 
  • How putting much of your daily work on autopilot will increase your profit.
  • How Nathalie’s online platform called Practice Better can be your one-stop shop to book clients, host program content, and more. 

This webinar is going to be live. Nathalie and I will be taking as many questions as you can throw at us! 

Nathalie will also be making a special offer to you if you would like to use Practice Better – it comes with a big discount and a bonus (that I scored just for you) to help you know how to set everything up once you start using the platform. Nathalie was so generous to share this extra gift.

If you can’t make it, you can still watch the replay and get all the great info that we’ll be sharing and Natalie’s offer with the bonuses – but you have to register to get it.

Register for the webinar HERE (and we will email you the deets!).

See you at 12 pm PT/1 pm MT/ 2 pm CT/ 3 pm ET today!