What legal docs do you need for workshops and retreats?

by | Apr 8, 2019 | Events & Retreats, Podcasts

Oooooh! I love retreats! I’m such a fan of learning how to upgrade my business while overlooking a white sand beach or watching a family of marmots scurry around in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia.

Hosting a live 1-day workshop or an overnight retreat at a beach resort or swanky hotel is a fun and effective way to build relationships, facilitate deep work, and create community.

I know it can feel scary holding a live event – whether an overnight yoga retreat, a smoothie seminar or a day-long workshop – wondering if you’re exposing yourself to risk.

Some people get stuck or hide and don’t schedule live events or retreats (even though they are DYING to do it!) because they don’t have any legal protections in place. They don’t put themselves out there because they’re afraid of what might happen.

  • What if someone hurts themselves doing a boat pose during the yoga retreat?


  • What if I hold a Supergreen Smoothie Seminar where I teach students how to make green smoothies using cashew milk and someone has an allergy to nuts that they don’t tell me about?


  • What if I’m holding a workshop helping people to go deep into their desires and identify their core desired feelings – I don’t’ want them to think I’m a therapist!

That’s why if you hold live events or retreats – or you’re planning one soon – you don’t want to leave yourself without any legal protection in place. 

What legal documents should you have your participants sign if you’re hosting a live 1-day event or an overnight retreat? What other legal docs might you need to sign as the host? 

Listen to Episode 60 on iTunes here to learn which legal document you’ll want your event participants to sign for a 1-day event, what you should use for an overnight retreat, and what other legal documents you might find yourself using as the event host.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What legal document your attendees can sign for a workshop or 1-day event
  • When you need to have your Event Waiver signed
  • How your Event Waiver supports you energetically
  • What legal document should be signed by attendees for an overnight retreat
  • How an Overnight Retreat Agreement protects you (and how it differs from an Event Waiver)
  • 5 other types of legal documents you might find yourself using as the event host
  • Why I relate legal agreements to your sacral chakra

And don’t forget your tip sheet here so you don’t have to take notes.

You can feel more CONFIDENT and EMPOWERED to rock your business knowing you are protected and safe on the legal front when you host events. Plus, there’s a bonus – you can sleep at night!