What to do when a client “ghosts” you and doesn’t pay

by | Jan 21, 2019 | Boundaries, Client Agreement, Podcasts, Terms of Use

Are you scared of “ghosts”? No? Well, you should be!

One of the biggest Legal Pickles™ that can happen to you is when a client “ghosts” you without notice and stops paying. The client flat out disappears.

“Ghosting” can feel scary and frustrating when it happens. What should you do if your client suddenly stops paying you?

Listen to the Legally Enlightened Podcast Episode 49 here to learn 4 steps to take if a client “ghosts” you so you can try to collect the payments owed to you.

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 In this episode you’ll learn:

  • 4 action steps to take when a client “ghosts” you
  • Why you should always start with kindness
  • When to send your client a detailed email
  • The importance of Client Agreement and Terms of Use documents
  • When you should use a formal collections letter
  • Why you should ALWAYS get your client’s street address and phone number
  • How to work with a collections agency if needed
  • Why I align money, boundaries, and contracts with the sacral chakra

When you take steps to collect payment, you plug a “leaky” boundary. You support your sacral chakra, uplevel your professionalism and raise your vibration at the same time.

When you strengthen your energetic boundaries with clear legal policies and processes, you’ll likely attract clients going forward who have strong boundaries too. #everybodywins

Grab your episode Tip Sheet HERE and keep it handy so you’ll know the 4 steps to take if someone “ghosts” you in the future

Here’s to keeping “ghosts” away, plugging money leaks and having strong boundaries!