What to do when you get stuck in analysis-paralysis

by | Nov 14, 2017 | Business-Building Resources, Chakras, Courage

It’s easy to stay stuck and hold yourself back because you’re scared or not ready to move forward as an entrepreneur.

I’ve heard so many business owners say:

  • “I’m not ready.”
  • “I don’t know enough yet.”
  • “I can’t charge that much for my services—no one will pay that rate!”
  • “Why would anyone hire me? I’m not even practicing what I preach right now.”
  • “I’m too new. No one even knows who I am, so why would they want to hire me?”
  • “I just need to get certified first.”
  • “I don’t have a team or a VA or the right systems in place.”
  • “I can’t go all out right now so I just shouldn’t do it at all.”

Usually, that’s just Fear talking. It’s also known as our inner critic or “critter brain”—trying to keep us from exposing ourselves to risk, discomfort, judgment, failure, ridicule, exclusion, and anything else that could cause us harm.

We get stuck in analysis-paralysis, indecision, procrastination, reactiveness, overindulgence, sacrifice—and the many other ways we hold back our gifts, knowledge, and truths.

So what do we do when this happens?

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