What you really should be doing to grow your business

by | Jun 7, 2019 | Business-Building Resources

Right now, I am in Hawaii taking a much-needed vacation (yay!) I’ve never been here before and the black sand beaches, never-ending palm trees, and deep blue ocean are all just gorgeous!

Just a few days ago, Scott and I stayed in San Diego for a few days to break up the 2 very long flights from Boston to Maui. In San Diego, I was thrilled to spend time with my friend and business coach Kathleen LeGrys. (She even made time to see me during the week of her son’s high school graduation – so grateful!)

Kathleen and her biz partner Karen Pattock have a THRIVING podcast (called The Wellness Business Podcast – you may have heard of it), Facebook group, business membership, and they inspire thousands of wellness coaches and practitioners on a daily basis.

Now Kathleen and Karen are hosting a no-cost 5-Day Training Series about “5 Things Every Wellness Business Needs to Get Clients!” 


5-Day Training Series.png


If you ever get stuck in an information-overload rut and you don’t know where to even begin when it comes to growing your email list and turning subscribers into paying clients, then you’ll want to check out this free series. 

You’ll learn the 5 things every wellness business needs to attract clients, without the feeling of constant overwhelm by improving your business building skills yet with actionable steps you should be focusing your time on.⏰

This FREE 5-Day Training Series takes out all the fluff and unnecessary information so that you can focus specifically on the pieces of your business that will actually help you grow it! :

They’ve had over 1,000 health coaches go through this training earlier this year, and they had outstanding results…and they want the same for you! 

Join the 5-Day Training Series here.

All the fun begins next week on Wednesday, June 12th.

Each training will be 15-20 minutes in length. Short, actionable and to the point is the name of the game. (That’s MY kind of training!)

Here’s what they’ll be covering each day:

Day #1: The difference between a niche, ideal client and marketable ideal client and which one actually translates into sales

Day #2: The 3 key components you must consider to create a high converting free offer

Day #3: The most simple and effective way to steadily grow your email list with ideal client subscribers

Day #4: The 3 types of nurturing content you should create that are proven to warm up email subscribers, (plus, they’ll be spilling their secret sauce technique to create more content in less time)

Day #5: The single MOST effective way to consistently enroll new coaching clients into your programs each and every month

Join Kathleen & Karen’s 5-Day Training Series here.

Karen and Kathleen have even set up a pop-up Facebook group during the training series, so you can ask questions and connect with other wellness business owners just like you during the training series.

Here’s to knowing what you should be doing (the quick and easy way!) to grow your wellness business!

I am an affiliate for Kathleen and Karen because I believe in these knowledgeable women and their work. They come from a heartfelt place of service and sincerely want to help you grow your business. They may be sharing an offer to join one of their programs, and if you join through my link, I will receive an affiliate commission. Don’t miss this free series! It’s their gift to you! :tada: