Writing a book? Here’s a resource to help you talk about it with ease.

by | Sep 27, 2023 | Business-Building Resources

Have you written a book? Or are you writing one now?

If so, you’ll know what a crazy labor of love it is. And it really is. I discovered that myself when I wrote Easy Legal Steps back in 2017. It was one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done in my life – and I’m proud of it. But it was also more work than I expected.

What no one really tells you after you’ve written a 50,000 word book is that you then have to come up with a 1-liner to tell people what it’s about.

Coming up with talking points about my book was the hard part. (Harder than writing pages and pages of text actually.)

At the time I didn’t have someone like Paula Rizzo to help me.

Paula’s just created a resource to help you with a succinct response to questions about your book, whether it’s in media interviews, book events, or casual conversations in a way that will leave a lasting impression (and sell more books – key!)

Download “10 Questions Every Author Needs to Answer” here so you don’t fumble over words when someone asks you, “so what’s your book about?”

Paula calls it “your ultimate guide to mastering the art of speaking about your book with poise and clarity.”

My friend Paula Rizzo is an Emmy Award Winning TV producer, bestselling author and media trainer. And years ago when I was traveling to Florence, Italy (my fave city on the planet) she was kind enough to give me the rundown on all of the sights to see – and where to have the best papardelle al ragu overlooking the Arno River.



Check out Paula’s free resource for authors here.

She tells you:

  • The must-answer questions for both fiction and non-fiction authors, ensuring you’re prepared for any situation. (Wish I had known this info back in 2017….)
  • Effective methods to practice and refine your answers for media interviews and book events. So good.
  • How to distill years of hard work into concise and compelling responses. As authors, we’re sometimes too smart! This freebie will help you simplify. (You KNOW that we lawyers can be verbose – anything that helps me be concise is golden!)
  • Paula Rizzo’s expertise with top news networks and as a media trainer to authors around the world. (She’s one of the best!)

Grab these tips so you can feel more comfortable and confident speaking about something you wrote.

Take a look at “10 Questions Every Author Needs to Answer” here and take your ability to answer questions about your book to the next level.

I’m cheering for you and your book! (I WAS a former cheerleader… can you hear the woohooo?!)

If you haven’t written a book yet, but it’s on your bucket list, keep this resource handy so you have it once your book is written. (I’m cheering for your future book too!)

And once you check out Paula’s resource, let me know what part you found most helpful. I’d love to pass along any helpful feedback you have.

Here’s to creating an easy 1-liner about your book which rolls off your tongue!

I’m sharing Paula’s free resource because I know her personally and believe in her work. She invited me to spread the word as an affiliate so I will receive a commission for anything you purchase through my link. If you know me by now, you know I only share info that I think will actually help you. <3