You use legal documents to be kind to your future self

by | Aug 30, 2021 | DIY Legal Templates

The other day as I was sitting down with a fresh cup of green tea, I got on the phone with Erin Holt & Lauren Levenson. We were talking about legal documents and they said that it dawned on them that:

“You use legal documents to be kind to your future self.”




(And, yes, of course, I asked their permission to share their quote with you, just in case you’re wondering. #askpermissionfirst)

You’re giving your future self the gift of peace of mind right now.

You may not have thought of legal documents in this way before.

When you set yourself up with legal protections NOW, you’re protecting yourself LATER if something were to go wrong.

You’re giving your future self the relief that you’ve already taken steps to reduce your risk, close liability gaps, and create solid legal language to back you.

It’s like getting a home alarm system now… to protect your house and household later.

It’s like having auto insurance now… in case of an accident later (heaven forbid!)

It’s like stashing an umbrella in your car now… so you can grab it in a thunderstorm later.

Being prepared now allows your future self to relax more.

Can you feel your future self exhaling just thinking about it?

More specifically, using legal protection helps your future self in 5 ways to:

1. Get clear about how you define yourself – so future clients don’t get confused about your role and come after you for practicing medicine, therapy or other licensed professions.

2. Clearly communicate with your future clients knowing you’re backed by legal language which gives you a new level of confidence.

3. Create loving boundaries around your time, energy & money to avoid headaches in the future (like a refund policy, cancellation policy, communication policy and more.)

4. Be perceived as more professional because you’re showing up and taking your business more seriously which allows you to draw in more future clients.

5. Raise your biz vibe by helping you feel safe, secure, confident and empowered to create whatever you want in your biz, now or 5 years down the road – feelings which are associated with your root chakra.

WOW! Who doesn’t want their future self to feel that way?

It’s a gift of kindness to yourself and your biz to get legally covered.

It’s always my mission to share easy legal steps to give your future (and current!) self the peace of mind you seek so you can relax, not worry, and focus on sharing your gifts with the world.

If your future self is nudging you to protect yourself now, you can use over 45 DIY Legal Templates to support you with Legal Love™.

Feel into where your legal gaps are in your business, and take steps now to be kind to your future self.

If you have questions, you’re always welcome to connect with a free 20-Minute Legal Chat here.

Here’s to legally supporting your future self!