6 reasons to go pro with an LLC or S-Corp

by | Jul 2, 2018 | LLC & S-Corp, Podcasts

Do you want to feel more “official” or more professional in your biz?

Want to have people take you more seriously? Be seen as more credible or believable? Feel more confident?

Yeah. (You’re not alone.)

I felt this way too… especially when I first hung out my shingle.

When it’s just you running your biz, it can feel a little vulnerable.

You aren’t bolstered by a large corporation behind you. You don’t have a consistent paycheck to create financial ease. You aren’t sure whether anyone is going to take you seriously as a one-woman (or one-man) show.

My clients have certainly shared with me that they have felt some or all of these things…

But that all changed when they decided to “go pro”!

When I refer to “going pro”, it’s equivalent to shifting from drinking 2 cups of ho-hum grocery-store coffee to waking up with a steaming cup of high-speed Bulletproof coffee with Brain Octane Oil and organic butter.

In business, it means transitioning from being a Sole Proprietor to having an ACTUAL business entity to hold and support your business – like an LLC or an S-Corp.

It sounds strange, but energetic shifts happen when you create an LLC or S-Corp.

You step up your game.
You take your biz to a new level.
You protect your assets.
You show up for yourself and your clients in a different – and an elevated – way.

In this podcast episode, I’ve shared the 6 main reasons people decide to “go pro”. If you’re on the fence and not sure if you really need an LLC, this episode is for you.

Listen to Episode 20 here to learn 6 reasons to “go pro” by creating an LLC or S-Corp

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What does it mean to “go pro” ?  
  • Why should you create a corporate entity?
  • When is the right time for you to “go pro” with an LLC or S-Corp?
  • Why I align business entities with the third eye chakra.

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Your business entity holds the expansion of your business, dreams, income and lifestyle. It creates a loving legal container to support your business as you take small steps and big leaps toward your future.

Is it time for YOU to “go pro” with an LLC or S-Corp too?

Learn more about creating an LLC here and an S-Corp here.

Here’s to upping your game and “going pro” with a legal business entity!