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by | Jul 11, 2019 | Business-Building Resources | 2 comments

“Make peace with your body.”
“Feel a sense of inner peace.”
“Don’t struggle so much.”

WHAT??!! I mean, I get the concept, but how exactly do you DO those things?

When you’re stressed out and feel like you have no time because you’re doing.all.the.things, how are you supposed to feel “inner peace”?

When you’ve struggled with how your body looks in a bathing suit or get mad at your extra 10 pounds on your belly and thighs, how can you “make peace with your body?”

Well, thank goodness there are people like Ellie Phillips-Burdge who help us with these exact issues.

If you’re struggling to be at peace with yourself and your body (um, if you’re someone who’s not, definitely shoot me a message because I’m pretty sure that you must be a unicorn!), then “Peace Embodied” may be the inspiration and guidance that helps you transform your fear, frustration, and hopelessness about your body into profound courage, confidence, and healing.

I don’t know about you but I know I’ve had to work through my “body story”…and I’m still working on it, truth be told.

This month I’m the featured guest for Ellie’s “Peace Embodied” membership site.

Get a sneak peek into the membership and watch my interview with Ellie HERE where I share my “body story” with Ellie and the reasons why I went to health coaching school and then became a legal coach who now integrates love into the law.


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The “Peace Embodied” membership gives you mini-coaching sessions with meaningful and practical gems of wisdom on health and wellness delivered straight to your inbox.

Ellie has not only a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy, she is also a certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher and Health Coach. She’s overcome her own debilitating health issues to uncover her own power, innate self-worth, and profound inner peace – peace with herself and her body.

Now she shares that knowledge to empower people who:

  • want to make sense of overwhelming wellness advice
  • want simply effective nutritional and fitness strategies
  • want to overcome daily struggles with illness or a major life change
  • desire to accomplish a long-time fitness goal
  • want to negotiate the aging process with grace.

Start here to watch our interview for free to get a sneak peek at “Peace Embodied.” 

I hope you enjoy it and it helps you find a smidge of inner peace with your body too. (Again, unless you’re the unicorn who doesn’t need inner peace, in which case, clearly, you’re all set!)  🙂 

Here’s to feeling a profound inner peace with ourselves and our bodies!