Bootstrap your legal protection on a budget

by | Feb 1, 2018 | Client Agreement, Terms of Use

I remember when I started my business that there was And it all felt so expensive.

So much to invest in to get off the ground like a business coach, a website, professional photos of my pretty face (which didn’t feel so pretty at the time!), a payment processing method and so much more!

Every time I purchased something like my website banners from my graphic designer, or signed up for Simplero as my online platform (which I love!) or Flywheel to support  my WordPress site, I knew I was just taking one step at a time to grow my business, attract clients, and receive income, and that it would all pay off.

And it has. For sure.

But, as I started working with online entrepreneurs, coaches, and creatives, I made a mental note that I wanted to create legal documents and templates that didn’t cost a fortune.  

I wanted to make sure you don’t have to spend a boatload on legal protection.

That’s why I’ve created over 30 DIY Legal Templates that are easy-to-understand, quick to get in place, and simple to personalize for your business.

People love my legal templates (I get raves and thanks all the time – like a couple of days a week, no joke!)

But, what people always ask is: “Where should I begin if I’m on a budget? What do I really need now, and what can wait?”

Here’s my BEST #legallove tip about where most people should begin if you’re on a budget (but be sure to talk with a lawyer about your own biz, in case you need to start with something else):



If you’re bootstrapping legal protection on a budget, protect your income first.

Yep! Start with legal protection around everything that brings you moolah.

  1. If you work with 1-on-1 clients, you’ll want to use a Client Agreement. If you offer a 4-week jumpstart, 3-month coaching program, or a series of 6 intuitive energy healing sessions, use a contract to protect your income. Make sure that your payment terms and refund policy are all spelled out. Up front. Crystal clear. 
  2. If you offer group programs, online courses or physical products through your website, you’ll want to use Terms Of Use for Online Programs & Products. If you offer an online self-study course, paid e-book, or the world’s best gluten-free/dairy-free/everything-free snack bars (which sound like my kind of bars!), make sure that your purchasers “check the box” to agree to your sales terms, refund policy, and online commerce terms if they pay by credit card, debit card or PayPal.

I believe that spelling things out in WRITING creates clear legal language AND strong energetic boundaries…which equals fewer headaches and Legal Pickles™ for you.

Don’t wing it without agreements in place to protect your income. Get these documents in place to secure your income and give you legal language to fall back on if someone doesn’t pay you.

Here’s to starting with an easy DIY Client Agreement and/or Terms of Use and knowing where to start when you’re on a budget. Protect your income with Legal Love™!