Attention Coaches! This email may make me one of your favorite people

by | Mar 8, 2017 | Business-Building Resources | 2 comments

I have more FREE GOODIES for you!

Yep, not only am I offering you the FREE Legal Pickles™ Webinar series (don’t forget to sign up here!) and lots of free goodies on my brand new website, I have even MORE free stuff for you! (Who doesn’t love free stuff?!)

I’m thrilled to share the 3rd Annual FREE Coaches’ Toolkit, curated by my friend Maria Saracen, that’s filled with all kinds of tools, trainings, and done-for-you resources to support your biz and make it SOAR!

If you don’t know Maria, you should. I met Maria through our beautiful mutual friend Alysa Rushton. Maria’s a health coach turned business coach, but before that she was a bullet-dodging journalist in South Africa, a TV producer for PBS (for reals!), a TV production company owner AND she was Emmy-nominated more than once! (Amazing!)

Maria’s the real deal. She likes to say that she “saves coaches and online entrepreneurs from drowning” when it comes to biz and technology – and she’s absolutely right!

Maria’s compiled a helpful Toolkit for you with essential things your biz needs like:

  • My FREE legal DIY Mini-Disclaimer that you can use on your program guides, social media sites, or video courses! ($97 value)
  • Free – and drool-worthy – styled stock photography by Haute Chocolate (who I actually hired for custom images for my new website which you can check out at
  • An insider’s guide to the most stress-melting, awe-inspiring destinations to hold your next – or first! – retreat. #bonvoyage
  • Graphics, e-mail templates, public speaking tips from smart, sassy and successful coaches – and so much more!

They’re all yours for the taking. Right now. 100% free. No strings attached. A gift from Maria to you.

Get ‘em all right now, right here. (But only through March 19th!)

If you can’t tell, Maria’s a high-vibe gal  – and so are the gifts she’s pulled together (over $2,000 worth!) Grab them while you can to help you in your biz!

Here’s to lots of free stuff for YOU and your business!