Finally ready to launch your online course? Do this first.

by | Oct 5, 2020 | Blog, Legal Starter Kit, Terms of Use

2020 has been quite a year, hasn’t it?

In the midst of trying to stay healthy and adapt to everyone being home ALL DAY, we’ve had to do business differently.

After I had grabbed my steaming hot cup of green tea the other day, I opened my email and got a message from my client Susie.

(Of course, Susie isn’t her real name. You know, confidentiality.)

Susie is a relationship coach who had worked with 1-on-1 clients in person in her cute downtown office with the pink poufy chairs.

Her clients loved how she coached them to attract the right person by nurturing themselves FIRST. (Good advice!)

Susie had wanted to create an online course, but she hadn’t gotten around to it. 

Then COVID hit, and her clients told her they didn’t feel safe meeting in person anymore. 

(Not to mention, many of them were impacted financially and they said they couldn’t afford her coaching fees). ☹️

Susie realized that just because people were stuck at home didn’t mean they couldn’t date.

She could teach people how to meet their cute neighbor through a balcony chat, or have Zoom cooking dates where the couples cook the same recipe at the same time.

Susie told me that she was FINALLY ready to create her online course but wanted it to be COVID-relevant, so she named it “How to Date During COVID.” 

She wanted to make it an easy-peasy self-study course so people could buy it directly through her website and watch the videos anytime 24/7.

Susie had reached out because she said she was terrified that someone might steal her content and put it in their paid course or that someone would want a refund.

She asked me what legal document she needed to feel more protected as she launched this new course.

I told Susie the same thing I’ll tell you here…

Legal Love Tip: You can feel safe & secure launching your group program or online course with Terms of Use.

I told Susie that the Terms of Use are the sales terms that her purchasers would agree to in the shopping cart before they enter their credit card information and pay for the relationship course.

Susie felt good knowing that the Terms of Use would give her clear written legal terms to fall back on if someone swiped her content or asked for their money back.

She exhaled a sigh of relief and said she was excited to move forward because she knew what legal document she needed for her online course – Terms of Use.

Are you creating a new online course soon?

Learn more and get your easy-to-use DIY Terms of Use here.

Here’s to finally launching your online course that you’ve been thinking about for a while. You can do it – and don’t forget to legally love it up too!

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