[Free Legal Love Series] What to do if a client ghosts you and doesn’t pay

by | Apr 27, 2020 | Confidence, Refund Policy & Collections

One of the biggest Legal Pickles™ that can happen to you is when a client “ghosts” you without notice and stops paying. The client flat out disappears.

It can be especially concerning right now when your clients may have lost their jobs or their income is less certain.

“Ghosting” can leave you feeling confused, sad, and betrayed – and in a business context it can also leave you in debt or looking blankly and despondently at the client’s unpaid invoice sitting in front of you.

“Ghosting” can feel scary and frustrating when it happens.

Your feelings can take you into a downward spiral and state of panic so it’s important to breathe, meditate, pray, journal, exercise, inhale essential oils – or do whatever you need to do – to honor your feelings, but not let them take over your rational mind.

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What should you do if your client suddenly stops paying you?

Should you send your client an e-mail?  Or call and talk to your client instead? Should you be sending a formal collections letter? If so, when? Should you get a collections agency involved?

Today’s Legal Love Tip is:

Feel confident that you can take 4 key steps to collect your money when a client “ghosts” you and doesn’t pay.



I’ve answered these questions and spelled out each step for you.

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As you’ve heard me say over and over again, one of the BEST ways to protect your income is to use written legal documents which your clients agree to when they sign up to work with you – like a Client Agreement and Terms of Use.

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