[Free Legal Love Series] Which laws do I follow as an online business?

by | May 11, 2020 | Business-Building Resources, Confidence

It’s been soooo great over the past month to share FREE LEGAL LOVE TIPS about how to protect your money and yourself in my e-newsletters, blog posts and social media. And today I want to share another Legal Love Tip with you.

In this era of stay-at-home orders, now more than ever…

You may be working with clients in the virtual space in a bigger way…

You may want to expand your reach to work with clients in other states or countries…

You may solely operate out of a  “virtual office” or consider yourself a nomad without a “home base.”

But, which laws should you follow as a virtual business?

Whether you’re a jewelry designer, health coach, biz coach, or life coach, spiritual healer, or any other type of holistic practitioner or entrepreneur with a “laptop lifestyle” – you may be wondering…

“Do I have to follow my state’s laws? Or the laws of the state where my client is located? And what if my clients are EVERYWHERE all over the world? How do I know which laws to follow then?”

This is a tricky topic – not gonna lie – because you need to follow laws everywhere and not do things that are illegal (obvi!).

If you have a “virtual business”, you can say in your legal documents that you and your clients will follow the laws of the state where YOUR business is located.

Not sure where your business is “located” if you’re a virtual biz?

Not sure what state is considered your “home base?”

Today’s Legal Love Tip is:

Usually, your business ‘home base’ will be where you spend the most time physically located.



Want to know more about how it all works when you’re a virtual business and you want to offer client calls through Zoom to people who are located all around the world?

Have a listen to this previously-aired Legally Enlightened Podcast Episode 35 HERE to get clear about which laws to follow as a virtual business. (Or you can listen on iTunes or Stitcher.)

Here’s to learning how to keep yourself feeling safe, secure, confident and empowered while operating a “laptop lifestyle” from your couch!

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