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Let me tell ya – scaling business is hard work, girlfriend!

I know I’ve personally been working my patootie off for the past 5 years to grow my business to multi-six figures. And even though I have DIY legal templates and an amazing team to help me and a rock solid online group program – I still wish I had more time to enjoy life! (Can you relate?) I’m actually trying to consciously work on more #selfcare.

My husband Scott lovingly cooks for me and takes cares of the yard (lucky girl!), but I’m trying to carve out more time to mountain bike with him, hang out at the lake with my parents & family, pick and eat Maine blueberries – and just relax.

Summer fun with my family in Maine!


If you’re feeling like I do at times – overwhelmed as you look to your next income goal and no time on the calendar to make it happen and you want to SCALE BIG – then Carolin Soldo’s From Passion to Profits® LIVE is for you.



Here are the Top 5 Reasons to attend this event:

  1. It’s at the gorgeous Bellagio Luxury Resort in Las Vegas, NV. (Totally high vibe!)
  2. It’s from September 29 – October 1. (Plenty of time to buy your plane ticket.)
  3. You’ll discover leading edge strategies to scale your business, leverage your time, and massively expand your income potential. (Saving time and money.)
  4. You’ll meet hundreds of talented entrepreneurs just like you who want to scale big who LOVED the event last year. (The testimonials are incredible.)
  5. I’ll be speaking about how to legally protect your biz as you SCALE BIG! (Legal love for you!)

Seriously, it’s going to rock. I can chill with my family at the lake but I do love getting dressed up for conferences and raising my frequency with high vibe entrepreneurs.

Want to learn more about Carolin’s unique approach to business?

Join Carolin and me for a Facebook Live on Wednesday, August 9 at 3 pm ET to learn all about it!



In the Facebook Live, you’ll learn:

  1. Her 4 Steps for Scaling Your Business quickly and authentically
  2. Why this event is different from all of the others out there
  3. The most generous legal bonus I’ve ever given if you decide to join us as a VIP (only 8 tickets available!)…4 FREE legal documents!

Here are the 4 free legal documents you receive as my gift:

  • Independent Contractor Agreement to hire your team.
  • Client Agreement to get the details in writing for 1-on-1 clients and protect your income.
  • Privacy Policy to protect privacy of your visitors to your opt-in page.
  • Terms of Use to protect your group program offers.

If you purchased all of these DIY Templates individually, they would cost $1588. But by purchasing a ticket to Passion To Profits LIVE – you can get all of them PLUS the event ticket and join us in Las Vegas for just $97! #nobrainer

Want in?

Step 1: Like my Facebook page HERE so you will be ready to join us on Wednesday, August 9 at 3 pm ET.

Step 2: Join us HERE for the Facebook LIVE on Wednesday August 9 at 3 pm ET.

(You’ll have to attend LIVE to receive the 4 legal documents, so mark your calendar now.)

Here’s to scaling BIG and seeing you in Las Vegas!