Healing AND Building are the keys to business success

by | Feb 22, 2019 | Business-Building Resources

In online business, we’re always go.go.going. We’re hustling to get our websites created and updated. We’re working on a new course launch. We’re thinking of biz ideas while soaping up in the shower or when trying to relax on the couch at night.

We all want to generate an income. True. We want to pay our bills. True. But what we REALLY want is that feeling of abundance and freedom that comes when we have enough. When we have MORE than enough.

I know it can be tough to organize your business in a way that generates consistent income. 

You want to approach business in a way that is aligned with who you are. Something simple, authentic and aligned with who you are as a PERSON. You want something gentle, but powerful and effective. 

It’s time for you to build a container for your purpose so that you can make money and help people, because people are waiting for you.

You can join Marie Forleo’s  B-School right now and get the tools for creating your website, building your list and developing a new offer. This info-packed course will get your business ramped up in a powerful way.

But if you already know the biz basics and want to connect more deeply to your soul, how can you COMBINE business growth with your soul’s whisperings?

One answer. Lloyd Burnett.

I met Lloyd several years ago on a phone call with our mutual friend Keri Nola. Right away, I loved his approachability, knowledge, and wit.

Lloyd is the epitome of combining the smarts of his Ivy League education with the body of a personal trainer and the soul of an energy healer. He’s a talented business coach and visionary who deeply connects you to your purpose in a grounded, heart-centered, spiritual way.

If you can’t tell, I think Lloyd’s amazing. I got to meet Lloyd for the first time just a few weeks ago:


Lisa and Lloyd.png


If your Soul is calling you to be more confident, more abundant, more visible, and more committed to your gifts, then join us at Lloyd’s live 2-day event – The Gentle Entrepreneur Live – in Atlanta from March 23-24.


Gentle Entrepreneur Live.png


During the event in Atlanta, you’ll learn:

  • How to harness the power of fear, self-doubt, & procrastination (this is KEY to running a successful business!)

  • How to build a super simple business structure that generates passive income

  • A high-vibration marketing system to attract more clients who want to hire you

  • A sacred selling blueprint that will sell your work effortlessly & with integrity

I’ll be speaking about which legal steps will protect your income, business and brand as your abundance grows and how to best support yourself legally and energetically.

This weekend is all about healing and building. Both the internal healing and the external building are necessary to living your purpose and having abundance while helping others.

Click here to register for The Gentle Entrepreneur Live and receive a complimentary ticket* if you register before March 1st.

(Register now to get your free ticket. Don’t dilly-dally!)

*You will be asked to pay a $47 fully refundable seat deposit to hold your place that you’ll receive back when you arrive at the event. The regular event ticket price is $497.

Looking forward to seeing you in Hot ‘Lanta and sharing this weekend of abundance and freedom with you!