Health Coaches: Our Next Legal Starter Kit – for group programs!!

by | Jun 28, 2017 | Legal Starter Kit

We’ve gotten so much positive feedback from last week’s Health Coach Legal Starter Kit for 1-on-1 Coaching that we’re ALREADY rolling out our 2nd Legal Starter Kit for Health Coaches…(BTW, even more will be coming this summer – and they will apply to everyone!)

Drumroll please…

The second Legal Starter Kit is now available…and it’s designed for Health Coaches who are offering a group program, cleanse or online course (or planning to do one soon!)

Why did we create it? To cover your buns, protect your online course or group program content, to save you money and to make it easier to know which DIY legal templates that you need when you run groups or courses online.

What is it?

The Health Coach Legal Starter Kit for Your Group Program or Online Course is the first legal step you need when offering a group cleanse or online course. It includes:

  • DIY Mini-Disclaimer – to protect your PDFs, program guides, event handouts, Powerpoint slides, and on your social media page sidebars.
  • DIY Website Disclaimer – to give your website detailed, thorough language that disclaims your liability so people don’t get confused about what you do and come after you.

  • DIY Terms of Use for Online Programs + Products – to tell purchasers what they CAN and CAN’T do with your PROGRAM materials (like your videos, modules, program guide, sample documents) and it’s the legal language you fall back on if someone copies, swipes or sells your stuff.

Why do you need it?

So you don’t have course content that’s totally exposed.
So you clearly spell out your sales terms for the purchase.
So you include your refund policy and online commerce terms.
So you protect your course materials and your intellectual property.
So you have tight legal language to fall back on in writing.
So you protect yourself as you share your message beyond one-on-one services.

What’s included?

The Health Coach Legal Starter Kit includes the DIY Mini-Disclaimer, DIY Website Disclaimer and the DIY Terms of Use for Online Programs + Products.

Each DIY template includes a Legal Template and Audio Guide to help you get legally covered faster than watching an episode of “The Crown”. (Best Netflix Original series ever! I can’t wait for season 2!)

Learn how you can SAVE MONEY with the Health Coach Legal Starter Kit for Group Programs here and get the DIY Mini-Disclaimer for FREE!

Need these docs separately? No worries! Click here to purchase the DIY Mini-Disclaimer, here to purchase the DIY Website Disclaimer, and here to purchase the DIY Terms of Use for Online Programs & Products).

Take a look at what these savvy, rockstar coaches had to say about getting legally covered with my DIY Legal Templates:

Have questions about the Health Coach Legal Starter Kit? No worries – just comment below and I can help!

Here’s to getting legally covered as a Health Coach with Legal Starter Kit #2 for your group programs or online courses!