Kendrick Shope on making $1M by age 40 & how legal docs helped her

by | Apr 1, 2019 | Business-Building Resources, Podcasts

I want you meet the expert on authentic selling, Kendrick Shope. Kendrick set a goal to make $1 million before age 40 – and she did it!

If you don’t know Kendrick, she is the creator of the leading sales training for women entrepreneurs, and the Authentic Selling® process which has created millions of dollars in revenue and new business for her clients.

Kendrick’s hosts her own daily talk show The Kendrick Shope Show, and the Sell Like A Woman Podcast, reaching nearly 100 thousand followers in six continents. Kendrick’s work has been featured on the Steve Harvey Show, NBC, Forbes, INC, and more.

She credits using legal documents for helping her. In this episode, Kendrick shares how exactly her Client Agreement saved her from throwing in the towel on her business.

Even though everyone’s situation is unique and different, Kendrick is sharing her story as a way to inspire other business owners and entrepreneurs to protect their income if they’re truly serious about their business.

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In this episode Kendrick and I discuss:

  • Why Kendrick is focused on speaking 
  • The value of authentic selling – and what that even means
  • Kendrick’s legal protection journey and how her Client Agreement saved her
  • How using legal documents for the first time can be scary  
  • How contracts can create clarity, confidence and boundaries
  • Why Kendrick says you need to question if you’re truly serious about your business
  • Why Lisa believes legal documents protect you practically and energetically

And be sure to download Kendrick’s free gift here: “10 Keys to Double Your Sales in 6 Months.”

Here’s to authentic selling (so YOU can make $1M) and the legal docs to support you!