Laura Belgray on writing words that sell

by | Apr 15, 2019 | Business-Building Resources

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking at Lloyd Burnett’s live event in Hot’lanta. I shared what legal steps to take as you grow your business (one step at a time!) and which step aligns with which chakra.


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There’s nothing I love more than helping you know what steps to take to protect your biz so you feel safe and secure to expand in your offerings and service to the world. #preach #legallove

Whether you’re speaking on stage like I do – or writing copy for your e-newsletter or sales page – it can be tricky as an entrepreneur to speak or write “non-sucky” copy.

Yeah, that’s what Laura Belgray calls it: “Non-sucky” copy…. Words that get people’s attention and that they actually want to read – but in a non-slimy way.

Laura Belgray is a copywriting expert who helps entrepreneurs find the perfect words to express and sell what they do.

If you don’t know Laura, she’s the founder of Talking Shrimp and co-creator of The Copy Cure online course with Marie Forleo.

Through her work with hundreds of clients (including online biggies like Marie Forleo, Mastin Kipp, Amy Porterfield and Kate Northrup – and even little ol’ me) she’s seen firsthand that putting more of “you” into your copy is pure magic for getting people to love you up, share your ideas, and happily click your “buy now” button.

Laura’s list of clients and credits include NBC, Bravo, HBO, TBS, Fandango, and many, many more. So if you watch TV and don’t skip the commercials — you just might see her words on air.

I invited Laura as my podcast guest expert to share 3 of her top copywriting tips with us.

Laura teaches how to add more visual details to your writing to bring in flair, style and, your unique personality so you can generate sales through the intentional use of words.

I have such respect for Laura’s talent. She helped me with my own website copy, and I had the pleasure of eating fusilli pasta and mint gelato with her at her 3-day writing workshop in an ancient castle overlooking the Italian sea. (And yes, it was as decadent and heavenly as it sounds!)

Listen on iTunes here to hear Laura and me talk about 3 tips for how to write words that sell.

Don’t have iTunes? Listen on my website here.


In this episode, Laura and I discuss her top 3 copywriting tips, including:

  • Tip 1: Write with “The Steven Spielberg” Test in mind. Could a movie director bring your words to life?
  • Tip 2: Journal everything you see and hear based on the details, no matter where you are.  
  • Tip 3: Write about real people with kindness or change key details.   
  • When can you take artistic liberty vs. when are you making a false claim?
  • The important difference between “copywriting” and “copyrighting”  
  • Why Laura defines copywriting as all of the words you use for your business
  • The legal side of copyrighting and why Lisa believes it creates an energetic boundary
  • When you should share an idea vs. when you should keep it to yourself before acting on it to protect yourself.       

Take a listen here.

Here’s to writing words that get people’s attention… in a “non-sucky” way!