Luisa Zhou on 3 tips to reverse-engineer your next launch

by | Apr 29, 2019 | Business-Building Resources

Launches can be SO scary every time you do one.

I know I had my knees knocking when I launched my online legal course “get legally covered so you can go bare” for the first time!

And I know others feel the same way with their launches.

That’s why I wanted to invite Luisa Zhou, a powerhouse business coach (with a surprising background!), onto the podcast to share some tips about how to launch your next program.

Luisa is the creator of the Employee to Entrepreneur system which teaches people how to leave their day job and start their own six-figure plus business working for themselves.

She’s helped hundreds of students, including health and business coaches, designers, copywriters, and consultants, and shown them how to launch businesses that generate anywhere from 30K to 100K in a matter of months. She has appeared in numerous online and print publications including Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Success magazine, and more.

And here’s the surprising part…Luisa went to Princeton and majored in electrical engineering and minored in robotics!!! Seriously. Before starting her own business, she worked as an International Space Station engineer for Boeing, a mobile payments start-up co-founder, and a digital advertising manager.

She went from launching spacecraft into outer space to launching businesses that change people’s lives.

What I love about Luisa is that she brings her engineering mind to the coaching world to help you organize your launch in a systematic way that generates true excitement and engagement BEFORE you make your offer.

In this episode Luisa shares 3 surprising tips to know before your next launch – like why you might want to offer a “first steps” course to your tribe, what to charge for your course, and why you should never charge your “worth”.

Intrigued? Surprised? I sure was shocked at what she shared. It’s not your run-of-the-mill launch strategy at all….tune in and check it out.

Listen to Episode 63 on ITunes here to learn 3 ways to reverse-engineer your next launch.

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In this episode, Luisa and I discuss:

  • Tip 1: Why you should offer a “First Steps” course instead of a signature flagship course
  • How to know what to include in a “First Steps” course
  • Tip 2: Why you want to work with one on one clients before creating your course
  • Why you want to prime your list
  • How to know what to charge for your course
  • Tip 3: Why you never want to charge what you’re “worth”
  • The best way to make personal connections with your clients (it’s not what you think!)
  • How Luisa knew she needed to get her business legally covered   

Listen to the podcast episode with Luisa here to start reverse-engineering your next launch.

Here’s to… 3, 2, 1… LAUNCH!