Meet me at the Mindshare Summit!

by | Sep 18, 2023 | Business-Building Resources | 2 comments

This fall is off and running! WHEW! You may be getting kids back to school, ramping up new offers, and working with new clients. I’ve been busy over here speaking. I feel grateful to have been invited to speak at 3 conferences this Fall, including one in Rome!

The first event was the World Conference on Food Science & Technology in Rome, Italy in August. I spoke in front of Ph.Ds, scientists, and food technologists from across the world about “food as medicine”.

As I approached the stage, I felt some nerves. The other speakers were professors who shared their research studies, graphs and charts about how to extend the shelf life of raspberries (safely!) and extract protein from salmon – and other cutting-edge “food technology” subjects.

I was only one of two non-scientists invited to speak at the event. So I was unsure of how the audience would respond to my legal talk about new professions focused on the root causes of disease and the importance of whole foods and healthy lifestyles. I had no research studies. I had no graphs. I had no charts.

I took a deep breath, picked up the microphone, and started clicking through my slides. I introduced them to functional medicine, lifestyle medicine, and health coaching. (Most of them had never heard of these professions – shocking, I know! 😀)

I felt such a sigh of relief when people came up to me afterwards saying they were as amazed to know about functional medicine as much as I loved learning about improving packaging for raspberries.



Now I can’t wait for my second live talk at the Mindshare Leadership Summit from October 5 – 8 in Scottdale, AZ.

I’ll be speaking about how to cross state lines as a licensed medical practitioner or health coach in a SAFE way.

Learn how NOT to get accused of the unlicensed practice of medicine. (Still no slides with research studies, graphs, or charts though.) 😁

So what’s the Mindshare Leadership Summit?

The Mindshare Summit is hosted by J.J. Virgin and is a premiere event and curated community of health professionals who want to:

  • connect and collaborate with so many talented practitioners and coaches
  • learn cutting-edge marketing, technology and business strategies (including AI!)
  • meet new friends, biz buddies, and podcast interviewees

I know the value of this event because I attended Mindshare for 4 years myself.

This year I’m excited to be a speaker – and host a booth as well!



Here’s where you can find me at Mindshare:

1. Join me for my talk on Friday 10/6 – “Crossing State Lines: 3 Legal Pitfalls to Avoid as a Health Coach or Medical Practitioner.” (I can’t wait to share this topic!)

2. Come to our booth and say hi! (We’re booth #44!)

3. Book a LIVE free 10-minute Mini-Legal Chat with my team members (Heather & Blue!) and hold it DURING the event weekend to get clarity on your legal steps. (Helpful and amazing!)

It’s coming up soon in Scottsdale, AZ (Oct 5-8) so click here to join me at Mindshare. (Get $500 off with this discount code 500LISAF through October 4th).

I’m not kidding when I say that you’ll be able to cultivate dozens of valuable business relationships with top experts like…

  • Dr. Tom O’Bryan, who had 118k people attend his gluten-free lifestyle summit (I met him at Mindshare – and he invited me to be a guest on his podcast!)
  • Lisa Nichols, millionaire motivational speaker and this year’s keynote speaker
  • Dr. Isabel Wentz, who became a New York Times bestseller on her first book about Hashimoto’s Disease (which I raved about on social media!)
  • Emily Fletcher, who just launched a top performing podcast on meditation
  • Dr. Steven Masley, who hosted the #1 top-rated PBS health show (ever!)
  • … this list could go on all day…

AND, there are parties and dinners and LOTS of time to meet people. It’s a fun, fun, fun event! (Yes! It’s THAT much fun!)

Come join my team and me at Mindshare. We’d love to meet you in person and talk to you there! My hubby Scott is even coming too.🤩

Here’s to seeing you at a powerful – and fun! – event like Mindshare! Don’t dilly dally though – it’s right around the corner. Register here.

Know that I’m an affiliate, but I went to Mindshare for 4 years as an attendee myself so I know how powerful this event is. I have met SO many coaches and practitioners who are at the top of their game. That’s why I’ve attended so many times. Learn more and enroll in the Mindshare Summit here (Remember! Use discount code 500LISAF for $500 off!). See you in a few weeks at the event!