Paula Rizzo on Listful Living for a less stressed you

by | Sep 30, 2019 | Business-Building Resources, High Vibe Legal Course, Podcasts

We’re always so busy.

Our society praises busyness and it’s easy to forget that we get to create our own lives. 

We struggle to remember we have the power to design a life that includes more peace and less stress. 

In this epsiode, I’ve invited Paula Rizzo to share strategies from her new book Listful Living. We talk about how to reprioritize your life in a way that: 1) doesn’t feel like work, 2) is easy to do through journaling (even if you don’t love journaling) and 3) by looking at your life in 3 chunks without guilt or judgment.

(Um, “chunks” doesn’t sound like the right word but it’s basically that she’s broken the book down into 3 sections to make viewing your life much more easy. And she uses COLOR in the book too and places to write IN the book – and you know how I love COLOR!!) #chakracolors

If you don’t know Paula, she is an Emmy-award winning television Producer, best-selling Author, and a Media Trainer and strategist. She’s also the founder of and author of Listful Thinking: Using Lists to be More Productive, Highly Successful and Less Stressed and Listful Living: A List-Making Journey to a Less Stressed You.

As a former senior health producer for Fox News Channel for more than a decade, she produced segments with a range of top experts, including JJ Virgin, Jillian Michaels, and Deepak Chopra. Now she coaches experts and executives to perform better on camera and produce their own videos.

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In this episode, Paula and I discuss: 

  • What inspired Paula to reprioritize what you consider to be important in your life  
  • The importance of having an abundance mindset
  • Why Paula uses the term “Personal GPS” to help people observe how they’re living right now (without judgment)  
  • The power of recognizing what makes you feel fulfilled vs. checking items off a to-do list 
  • How Paula helps people determine their “Blue Sky Intentions” and really dream big  
  • How to plan what you want your life to look like using the “Passport to Stress-Free Living” 
  • Recommendations for how to make time for what brings you joy
  • The importance of tapping into your “Personal Productivity Style” 
  • How Paula structures her work week to make time for what’s important to her
  • The benefits of slowing down and having a “Just Enough” List  

Head on over to the webpage to receive Paula’s free “List Making Starter Kit so you can be more productive and save time.

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