Spend 4% of your time doing this to protect your business.

by | Sep 14, 2020 | Client Agreement

I saw this quote by Abraham Hicks the other day and it gave me pause:

“You don’t have to protect yourself from anything! In fact, an attitude of protection will surely bring you to the vibration of the thing from which you’re protecting yourself. Because you can’t look at something and say, “Oh no, I’m saying a prayer to protect myself from you,” without achieving vibrational harmony with “you”, whatever you are.”

I took a deep breath and thought about it for a minute.

I realized that my response to this quote is “Yes, and”.

On an energetic level, I agree completely.

But, on the human level, it’s a bit more complicated.

Here’s where I have a slightly different view about protecting yourself:

I believe you can spend 96% of your time feeling expansive and only 4% thinking about protecting yourself.

However, you still need to spend that 4% of your time setting up the right legal documents to help keep you safe, in case you’re out of energetic alignment for a bit and something happens.

Like you may notice one day that you have a client or two asking for a refund.

Or a client texts you at 2am telling you to respond first thing in the morning (presuming you haven’t given them VIP 24-hour texting privileges).

Or another coach has copied your work and is using your exact words on a local news segment (yes, that actually happened to my client recently).

You want to have legal documents to fall back on if any of these things happen.

It’s true – we all experience leaks from time to time. (And I don’t mean the kind where you need to run out and get a box of Depends!)

There’s no judgment around having time, money or energy leaks.

It’s part of being human. It’s part of learning the lessons we’re here to learn during this lifetime.

I wrote about this in my book Easy Legal Steps, but often I say that God/the Universe taps you on the shoulder sometimes to expose a leak – a money leak, time leak, or energy leak.

I believe leaks can happen when we aren’t lovingly enforcing our boundaries so we can shore them up for the expansion coming your way.

Leaks can happen when we aren’t energetically claiming our time, money or work.

Leaks can happen when client policies aren’t put in writing in a Client Agreement.

The whole purpose of taking 4% of your time to get legally covered is to protect your income, time, and work so you don’t have to worry about leaks the other 96% of the time.

I know it may not feel fun to get your legal documents in place. It can feel like a drag or just one more thing to do on your “to do” list. It can feel overwhelming or scary. I get it.

But one of the best gifts you can give your business is to use a Client Agreement with your 1-on-1 clients. 

Legal Love Tip: A Client Agreement is a gift to your business. It honors your time, money and energy.

Getting a well-crafted, thorough Client Agreement doesn’t have to take long. It will take FAR less than 4% of your time – trust me! (For example, you can download my DIY Client Agreement legal template, listen to the audio guide and personalize it in less than an hour. Done!)

If you have a Client Agreement in place already, kudos to you!

If you don’t yet have one, you can grab my easy DIY Client Agreement here.

Here’s to spending 4% of your time getting legally covered so you can focus on doing what you love the other 96% of your time… without leaks or worries!

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