Taking Stock of 2021 – What just happened – and what’s to come?

by | Dec 27, 2021 | Business-Building Resources

From the zillions of emails landing in your inbox, you’re probably keenly sensing that it’s a good time to reflect on the past year and regroup for the new one to come.

There are so many ways to do it that it can feel overwhelming. I’m all for simplicity and ease and efficiency. Here’s how I like to do it. Maybe it will appeal to you too.



Take Stock of 2021.

What just happened in 2021?

Truly think about what made you proud and grateful. List your highlights and accomplishments and your most joyful moments. Think about it both professionally and personally.

How exactly do you do that?

Grab your journal. Jot down quick answers to these questions:

1. What can you be PROUD of yourself for doing in 2021?

Even if the ONLY thing on your list is “homeschooling my kids”, that’s QUITE an accomplishment! Pat yourself on the back for what you accomplished, however big or small to you. It all adds up!

We focused on our personal lives, but, of course, you can list your professional accomplishments too.

Professionally, for me:

I’m grateful for the leadership and support of my right-hand Heather Lienenbrugger and our core team members, Michelle Schweitzer and Katrina Hubbard. They allowed us to be more responsible and flexible to your needs…like by:

  • Creating 4 new DIY Legal Templates:
  • Recording 3 new Legal Master Classes:

Personally, for me…

I’m proud that Scott and I took 2 big soul-filling trips as we had to carve out the time, money and energy to take them.…

  • Boulder, Sedona and St. George trip in May/June – We visited Scott’s brother in the Rocky Mountains, (briefly!) soaked in the positive energy vibes in Sedona, and hiked in the majestic Zion National Park and mind-boggling Bryce Canyon for 15 days

As you take stock of 2021, you might surprise yourself and discover that you accomplished more than you thought you did.

What can you be GRATEFUL for?

A fun summer vacation? More clients than last year? A growing bank account?
Better physical or mental health than in 2020? More time on the couch watching Nexflix’s “Bridgerton”, “Ginny & Georgia”, “Maid” or “Squid Game”?

For me, I’m grateful for:

  • The desire of my clients to reach out for legal help so they can protect themselves, their businesses and their brands to EXPAND their services and income, without being “legally naked” or exposed – and my ability to help them.
  • The support of my incredibly loving husband who always says, “Go, do whatever you need to do for your business!” and not “Stop working and come cook me dinner!” (because he knows I’m a terrible cook – haha!).
  • The care from my sister Jill who dropped everything to drive halfway across the country with me from Ohio to Arizona to make sure I got to Sedona safely – and not by myself! – while Scott was tending to his dad in Florida.
  • The dedication of my team members, especially Heather Lienenbrugger, so that I could have the time and location freedom to “live” in another city and be on the road for 6 weeks.
  • The courage to expand my horizons to hike red rocks, see new vistas, meet interesting people, soak in the energy of the Sedona vortices, stretch myself to pay for a pricey month-long airB&B, and drive 43 hours cross-country to have a special memorable experience.

There are soooo many things to be thankful for, even if life isn’t quite back to “normal”.

Take stock of 2021 and really acknowledge all you did, whether your list is long or short. Be proud and grateful. Then get ready for a new year ahead.

2. Next, set your INTENTIONS for what you want for 2022.

(I used to say “set goals” for the next year, but as we all begrudgingly saw with COVID, “goals” can go off the rails. I think “intentions” give more wiggle room.)

What’s to come in the next year? How can you frame your intentions?

There’s no one right way to set your intentions:

You may prefer to choose a “word of the year” like Elizabeth Rider talks about here.

Or write out your “core desired feelings” a la The Desire Map here.

Or set more general “intentions” like Wanderlust shares here.

Personally, I like to choose a “word of the year”.

It’s simple, and fast, and easy. (You know I’m all about efficiency and ease!)

In 2021 my word was “LIGHT” – as in sunlight, lighthouses and “Be the Light”. It felt relevant and important to me to set my intention for more buoyant energy after the heavy COVID energy of 2020.

Whatever you do, give some thought to what you want for 2022….It’s a brand new calendar page. A new energy. A renewed spirit. A fresh start.

We’re not out of the COVID woods just yet…but the end is coming closer. Every day.

Congratulations on taking stock of 2021 and setting your intentions for 2022!

Here’s to celebrating this past year and getting ready for a brand new year ahead! I see you, I celebrate you, and I honor you!