What are assets – and 4 ways to protect them

by | Sep 23, 2019 | Client Agreement, Joint Venture Agreement, Podcasts, Terms of Use

I was being interviewed recently for Nicole Jardim’s Apprenticeship program via Zoom and one of the women in the group asked about assets and how to know whether you have enough assets worth protecting. 

Such a great question!

It made me realize that “assets” is one of those legal and financial terms that gets thrown around a lot by lawyers, accountants and financial planners, but many people don’t really understand what they are – so they have no idea whether they HAVE any assets or how to PROTECT them.

So,  what exactly ARE assets? 

How do you know if you have any personal or business assets worth protecting right now? (You might be surprised to know that you likely do!) 

What should you be doing to protect them?

This week’s podcast episode demystifies the world of “assets” to make them easier to understand and digest.

Listen to podcast episode 84 on iTunes here to learn about the 2 main types of assets (relevant to you as a biz owner!) and 4 common ways to protect them.

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In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • What falls into the 2 main categories of assets for small biz owners
  • 4 important ways to protect your assets 
  • Why you should use legal documents such as Client Agreements, Terms of Use, and Joint Venture Agreements in your business to protect your assets
  • How a business entity like an S-Corp or LLC protects your business assets  
  • How creating a Will and/or Trust can protect your personal assets 
  • How Trademarks and Copyrights protect your intellectual property
  • Why I align corporate entities to protect your assets with the third eye chakra

Here’s to covering your buns by protecting your ass-ets! (Pardon the pun – I couldn’t resist!)

The way I see it, legal documents are like green smoothies for your business. They boost the health and strength of your business on the front end so everything runs smoothly on the back end. They fill your business up with vitamins and nutrients from the start, so you don’t end up needing catastrophic legal care in an unexpected crisis.

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You’ll walk away knowing how getting legally covered can support you to:

  • Feel SAFER, more SECURE, and more CONFIDENT to play bigger.


  • RECEIVE more of what you want, attract more clients, make substantially more money, and stop playing small.


  • SHIFT your energy, life, and business to attract more of what you want

I’ve seen time and again that when you protect your business in practical ways, you boost your business in energetic ways too.

In this new Workshop, you’ll learn how 4 legal steps and 4 chakra-aligned energetic principles support you feeling in more CONFIDENT as a thriving, heart-centered business owner and helps you get LEGALLY COVERED.

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{Legal Steps + Energetic Support = High Vibe Legal Protection with Biz-Boosting Confidence!}

I can’t wait to see you there!