Eeeks! Where to start with legal protection on a budget?

by | Aug 22, 2017 | Client Agreement, Terms of Use

I added it up. In the past 5 years, I’ve given over 2,600 Free Legal Chats to anyone who had a legal question. (Yes, there’ve been truly that many! That’s over 1,500 hours of #legallove.) As a result, I can honestly say that I hear you.

You want to know exactly where to start with legal protection….especially if you are on a budget.



I get told all the time that law can be intimidating and overwhelming. Just the other day, a cute gal said she was afraid to even talk with me on the phone because I’m a lawyer. I quickly reassured her that I’m #notyourtypicallawyer and she could take a deep breath and stop worrying I’m going to be stuffy, scary or stodgy. #amentothat

Sometimes I know that even looking at my 30+ DIY Legal Templates can be enough to make you want to shake in your shoes.

There’s a LOT of legal info out there and you may not have any idea where to start. Or what to spend your money on first. Here’s my BEST #legallove tip about where to begin:

Protect your income first.

Yep! Start with legal protection around everything that brings you moolah.

1. If you work with 1-on-1 clients, use a Client Agreement

If you offer a 4-week jumpstart, 3-month coaching program, or a series of 6 intuitive energy healing sessions, use a contract.

Why? So your clients:

  • PAY YOU!!
  • Know the “rules of the game” – up front!
  • Show up for you & get better results.
  • Avoid awkward, uncomfortable conversations later.
  • Get ALL of the details in writing.

Make sure it’s all spelled out. Up front. Crystal clear.

2. If you offer group programs, online courses or physical products, use Terms Of Use for Online Programs & Products.

Like if you offer an online self-study course, paid e-book, or the world’s best gluten-free, dairy-free, everything-free snack bars.

Why? So you can be clear about your:

  • Sales terms (make sure purchasers “check the box” to agree – or as my friends in Canada or across the pond say, “tick the box”!)
  • Refund policy.
  • Online commerce terms if they pay by credit card, debit card or PayPal.
  • Protecting your materials & products – so no one swipes them!

Spelling things out in WRITING creates clear boundaries…which equals fewer headaches and Legal Pickles™ for you.

Don’t wing it without agreements in place to protect your income. Leave the “winging” to “Wings Night” at the sports bar!

Here’s to starting with a Client Agreement and/or Terms of Use and knowing where to start – protect your income with Legal Love™!