Why it’s so hard to set boundaries

by | Sep 2, 2019 | Boundaries

For healers, coaches, therapists, and heart-centered entrepreneurs, there seems to be one common theme…it’s hard to set boundaries. 

When you’re a “giver” and you just want to help people, it’s not always easy to create boundaries to honor yourself. 

This topic is so important that I wrote about it extensively in Chapter 2 of my book “Easy Legal Steps…That Are Also Good for Your Soul

We have a tough time setting boundaries which means that we…

  • let clients miss calls. 
  • find that clients skip payments. 
  • reply to emails in the wee hours of the night
  • go way above and beyond what we stated in our program description of our Client Agreement. 
  • allow clients to talk on and on and we don’t end coaching calls on time because we don’t want to hurt their feelings or cut them off in an emotional moment. 

We GIVE and GIVE and GIVE.

But here’s the bummer about overgiving…. Flimsy boundaries end up costing us. Costing us a lot, like:

  • huge amounts of time. 
  • thousands of dollars in income. 
  • vast reserves of energy. 
  • our sanity, integrity, and dignity. 
  • even our livelihood. 

Why is so hard to set boundaries? What’s REALLY happening that makes it so hard for us to do it?

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After listening to this episode you’ll walk away with knowing:

  • What boundaries are and why they’re important 
  • The true cost of overgiving and having flimsy boundaries 
  • How our mindset to be nice can negatively impact our income
  • The consequences of not having strong boundaries 
  • Why it’s hard for us to say no to others and yes to ourselves
  • How using a “mini-script” can help you set clear boundaries 
  • Why having a “boundary practice” is important
  • How having a Client Agreement benefits both you and your clients 
  • Why I align boundaries and Client Agreements with the sacral chakra 

When we set clear boundaries, we free ourselves up for what’s important.

Stretching your boundary muscle is an act of courage – and it takes practice.

Listen to this 18-minute podcast episode here to learn how.

Here’s to shoring up stronger boundaries – with love!