Why you can’t take others’ reactions personally (or you’ll stay small)

by | May 20, 2019 | Business-Building Resources

One of the biggest areas that holds entrepreneurs back (like me!!) is that we’ll do or say something in our business that will make someone not like us.

For heart-centered biz owners who come from a place of service and love, it can feel difficult to share a new program or product based on our deepest message. We’re afraid that we’ll be judged all over Instagram – or worse, that no one will buy our program.

But I have to tell you – letting go of feeling responsible for other people’s reactions is life-changing.  

At least it has been for me.

Truthfully, I’m not perfect at it  (some days are better than others!), but I’ve done a lot of work with my coaches on not being as attached to praise or criticism as I used to be. Instead, I try to focus on my mission to love up biz owners just like you to help you feel safe, secure, confident and empowered as you share your gifts with the world.

Bottom line: If we allow ourselves to hold back what we REALLY want to say or to not share our new program based on our deepest message that we know we’re on the planet to share because we’re afraid it will trigger people, then we’ll stay small.

And what happens if we stay small?

We hold back.
We don’t energetically open to receive more.
We don’t put ourselves out there to launch that new program.
We water down what we really want to say and we don’t share what is in our hearts or what we truly believe.

We’re trying to keep ourselves safe from the criticism and judgment, but what’s really happening is that we keep ourselves from helping people AND from reaching the people who need us.

This episode is focused on why we can’t take other people’s reactions personally – and how to show up fully, even when we’re afraid.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why someone else’s response has nothing to do with you
  • Why you are never responsible for the thoughts, beliefs, or actions of someone else (no matter what anyone tries to tell you)
  • How letting go of feeling responsible for other people’s reactions can be life-changing
  • Why your tribe can’t find you if you don’t speak up
  • Why you can speak with humility and grace… without making anyone else “wrong”

Have a listen here.

And remember that someone else’s response has nothing to do with you….

Here’s to letting go of judgment and to saying what you REALLY want to say!