[Free Legal Love Series] What to do & say when a client asks for a refund

by | Apr 20, 2020 | Refund Policy & Collections

Now more than ever, you may have a client reach out and tell you that they want a refund.

Of course, as a heart-centered entrepreneur, you can feel for your client when they say they can’t pay their rent or they’ve been furloughed and have little income. They may be panicking about how to pay bills so they’re asking for their money back.

But YOUR business – and YOUR livelihood – depends on getting paid, so it can be stressful and scary when you expect income to come in and all of a sudden a client demands a refund.

So, what do you SAY and DO when a client asks for a refund?

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Here’s your Legal Love Tip when a client asks you for a refund:

Be prepared now. Know what to say if your client asks for a refund so you won’t be taken off guard.



I really want you to know what to say or do if a client tries to get out of working together so you feel confident and empowered about how to handle it.

I’ve made it easy for you to get this information because I laid it all out in my Legally Enlightened Podcast Episode 24.

Get an exact script of what to say to your client in that awkward moment when they ask for a refund HERE. (It’s a quick 17-minute listen. Or you can put in your headphones and listen to Episode 24 of the Legally Enlightened Podcast on iTunes). 

You’ll learn the 3 steps to take and what you should say so you don’t feel helpless when you read the email in your inbox from your client wanting her $2,500 back that she’s already paid you.

You’ll also learn about why you want to have a written refund policy in your legal documents – and the different types of policies to use.

(If you want even more about refunds, you can have a quick listen to Episode 70 which lays out the “3 Big Myths About Giving Refunds” – including whether if you give a refund to one client, does that mean you ALWAYS have to give refunds to everyone? Listen in HERE.)

I always want you to protect your income and feel confident when knowing what to say if a client wants their money back. 

I’m hoping that you and those you love are all safe and healthy right now. I’m sending you so much Legal Love™ during this crazy coronavirus time!