Lloyd Burnett on how to interrupt patterns of lack & struggle

by | May 27, 2019 | Business-Building Resources

If you’re like every single other entrepreneur I know who is just starting out, it’s so easy to underprice your services or give them away for free.

You want to give first and you don’t want to repel clients who may think your rates are WAY too high. (I’ve felt this way before too. Often. Every time I raise my rates or create a new DIY Legal Template I worry that I’m charging too much.)

That’s why I want to introduce you to my friend and life coach, spiritual teacher and writer, Lloyd Burnett.

Lloyd teaches how to move away from a “Mother Teresa” mindset of underpricing your services or giving them away for free to move towards receiving more income and abundance.

I spoke at Lloyd’s live event in March in Atlanta and you could hear a pin drop when Lloyd was teaching everyone about their inherent right to abundance and how to effortlessly manifest financial security, deep love, and success.

Lloyd is a graduate of Dartmouth College, a former top-ranked personal trainer in the city of Atlanta, a world traveler, and a gifted life and business coach with strong footing in the spiritual world.

I once described Lloyd as having “the smarts of an Ivy League education, body of a personal trainer and soul of a spiritual healer.” He’s a trifecta – and he believes it’s your right on this earth to live a healthy and wealthy lifestyle.

He’s known for going deep to interrupt patterns of lack and struggle using a methodology called “parts work”, and holding space so you can get out of your own way and experience more abundance in your life.

That’s why I’ve invited Lloyd to be my podcast guest this week.

Listen to episode 67 on iTunes HERE to hear Lloyd share 3 steps how to heal old beliefs and teach all parts of you that it’s your birthright to be wealthy.

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In this episode Lloyd and I discuss:

  • How to use parts work to move from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset
  • Step 1: Meet the part of you that learned to receive scarcity instead of abundance
  • Step 2: Hear the part’s story and experience the energy of the story to release it
  • Step 3: Teach the part a new truth by shifting the internal narrative to unconditional love
  • Why Lloyd wants you to see the truth of what you’re experiencing
  • What internal parts work involves and how it allows multiple parts of ourselves to coexist
  • Why our beliefs need to evolve in order to receive abundance
  • Why Lloyd decided he needed to legally protect his business   
  • The importance of using legal documents that evolve with your business

Listen here to hear Lloyd share how you can bring more money and abundance into your life.

Here’s to moving towards more abundance in your life and biz!