Practically refund-proof your 1-on-1 work

by | Jun 28, 2019 | Client Agreement, Refund Policy & Collections

I bet you’ll agree that one of the most stressful parts of selling products or services is when a client asks you for a refund – and you aren’t expecting it. 

It’s every entrepreneur’s worst nightmare… CLIENTS ASKING FOR REFUNDS.

After all, your business – and your livelihood – depends on getting paid, so it can be stressful and scary when you receive income and out of the blue a client asks for their money back. 

You may have already relied on that income to pay for a course or a new website or a new coach – or to pay your mortgage or rent or to put food on the table.

That’s why I created a little gift for you about what to include in your refund policy so you don’t have to give refunds you don’t want to give.

If you haven’t yet grabbed the freebie, download it right here.




Now you might also wondering:

“Okay, Lisa,I grabbed your free gift and now I know what should be IN my refund policy, but where do I actually PUT IT?”

Here’s the answer:

If you’re working 1-on-1 with a client, you should use a written Client Agreement that has the refund policy included in the document. 

Are you already using my DIY Client Agreement? 

If so, you’re all set! The DIY Client Agreement already includes a “no refunds” policy. (I try to take care of you!)

Are you NOT using my DIY Client Agreement, but you need a solid client contract?

Know that it’s a solid robust legal document written in plain English so it’s easy for you and your clients to understand. It includes your policies on working together like your program description, expectations, payment terms, and yes, your refund policy. #legallove

Get your DIY Client Agreement here.

Just download it to your computer, add your info, and you can use it immediately. 

It’s super-easy to protect your 1-on-1 income faster than you can drink a Hint water on a hot summer day. 

Here’s to not giving refunds you don’t want to give with a strong refund policy – and to getting your DIY Client Agreement in place!