When should you use a Waiver versus a Contract?

by | Sep 9, 2019 | Client Agreement, Disclaimers & Waivers, Podcasts

I wanted to reach out because you might be confused about two legal words that get tossed around a lot that are important to covering your buns as a biz owner…

Waivers and Contracts. 

You hear the terms often used interchangeably by business owners…but are they actually the same thing? 

What’s a Waiver… and what’s a Contract? 

How do they protect you and your business? 

How do you know which type of document to use – and when?

You may have guessed already, but Waivers and Contracts are NOT the same thing – though they both are legal docs to be signed on the dotted line.

Listen to podcast episode 82 on iTunes HERE to clear up the confusion so that you can know when to use Waivers and when to use Contracts to protect yourself.

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In this short podcast episode, you’ll learn: 

  • What a Waiver is and how it protects you 
  • When and why a Waiver will not hold up in court
  • What a Contract is and why you should put it in writing 
  • How to know when to use a Waiver and when to use a Contract
  • Different examples of when you’ll use Waivers or Contracts  
  • Why I align Waivers with the root chakra and Contracts with the sacral chakra 

It’s important to limit your liability and put your key client policies in writing.

Knowing which type of legal document to use will help you protect yourself as you move forward and expand your services, products, and reach.

Here’s to not being confused about Waivers and Contracts anymore!

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