Your best legal step is to protect your income

by | Oct 8, 2019 | Client Agreement, Terms of Use

I was thrilled to welcome new enrollees into the High Vibe Legal Course last week!
Maybe the High Vibe Legal Course may have felt like too much and you weren’t ready for the whole enchilada….

And that’s totally OK!

I always say that getting legally covered is like building a house brick by brick. Every legal step raises your energetic vibe which helps you feel more confident & professional as a biz owner. 

Your best legal step is to protect your INCOME.

So what should you do to protect your income? 

If you’re working with 1-on-1 clients and need a solid contract…you’ll want the DIY Client Agreement HERE.

If you have an online course or group program, you’ll want the DIY Terms of Use HERE.

Your first legal step is to make sure your INCOME is protected so you aren’t leaving yourself exposed to clients asking for refunds or not paying you.


I invite you to pause right now and ask yourself…

“Is my income legally protected?”
“Have I been using a solid Client Agreement?”
“Do I have participants in my group program or online course agree to legal terms?”

If the answer is “No” to any of these questions, your income isn’t protected.

One of the worst feelings on the planet is clients asking for you for a refund of their $2,500 payment – or even $250! You don’t want clients to ghost you out of the blue with no legal language to fall back on. 

I don’t want you to unknowingly leave yourself – or your income – exposed. I’m sure you don’t either.

If you don’t know what you need or you need other help, you are always welcome  to book a free 20-Minute Legal Chat HERE with my COO + Lead Coach Heather Jernigan so that we can help you get legal clarity.

I believe you’re set free to do your best work and create anything that you want when you get legally covered in a loving way.