you’ll love these easy, quick DIY legal document templates

so you can get legally covered
to protect your money and business lickety-split!

you’ll love them if you:

Heart BulletNeed a legal document for your course or program right now (or YESTERDAY!)

Heart Bullet Want easy-to-understand contracts written in plain English and infused with Legal Love™ by an attorney who gets you and the online world.

Heart Bullet Like rolling up your sleeves and doing things yourself to save time and money

Heart Bullet Want a legal document done in less time than watching “Super Soul Sunday”


each template is designed specifically for coaches and entrepreneurs
– by a Holistic Lawyer® who gets you and the online world
(because I’m trained as a health & life coach too!)


They are written in plain English and with color (gasp!)
so they are easy to use and understand.

They’re good for your biz – AND for your soul.

disclaimers & waivers

feel safe, secure and grounded & support your root chakra

diy website disclaimer

Strong basic disclaimer
for your website.

diy mini-disclaimer

Very short disclaimer for PDFs, videos, program guides, social media, etc.

diy book disclaimer

Disclaimer for authors to disclaim your liability in your book.

diy COVID-19 release & waiver

Waiver for clients to sign as you resume services with clients after COVID-19.

diy online fitness liability waiver

Waiver for attendees for online fitness courses, yoga or personal training sessions.

diy event waiver

Waiver for attendees for live seminars
or 1-day events.

diy consent & release for minors

Release form for hosting live events
with children.

diy massage therapy waiver

Waiver form for massage therapists to use
with clients.

diy testimonial release

Release for clients to sign when giving
you testimonials.

diy media release

Media release to take & share photos at your live event.

business registration for sole proprietors & payment collection

feel more confident & professional and support your solar plexus chakra

diy sole proprietor biz registration & taxes package

Checklist & info about how to register your business and get clear
about taxes.

diy collections
checklist & letter

Collections checklist, scripts and letter to collect money from a client
who won’t pay you.

website terms, privacy policies, HIPAA & affiliates

protect your website & build trust aligned with your heart chakra

diy website
terms & conditions

Terms & Conditions to protect your
website content like the
text & images on your site.

privacy policy

Privacy Policy to let people know you won’t spam them and keep their
personal info safe & confidential.

diy affiliate
terms & conditions

Affiliate Terms & Conditions for your affiliates to sign to promote your
, products and services.

diy HIPAA notice
of privacy practices

HIPAA Privacy Notice required for
licensed medical practitioners
to give to patients.

diy HIPAA medical
records release form

Form signed by a patient to release medical records or health information.

sales terms for group programs & online courses

communicate your legal terms to purchasers & support your throat chakra

diy terms of use

Terms of Use (sales terms) for your group programs, online courses & info products purchased through your website.

corporate entities (LLCs & S-Corps)

tune in to “go pro” and align with your third eye chakra

diy which corporate entity is right for me?

Checklist and info to know whether you need an LLC or S-Corp.

trademarks & cease and desist letters

obtain the rights to your brand & support your crown chakra

diy is my brand

Self-assessment to determine whether you should trademark your business name, program name, tagline or logo.

diy cease
& desist letter

Cease & Desist Letter to send when a copycat or swiper has copied your
website or course content.

starter kits

get legally covered & save money with template bundles

legal starter kit #1

1-on-1 clients

Choose this option if you primarily work with 1-on-1 clients.

legal starter kit #2

group programs or online courses

Choose this option if you offer a group program, online course or info product.

legal starter kit #3

small groups & masterminds

Choose this option if you have a small group or mastermind with a combination of 1-on-1 coaching and group calls.

protection package

Solid legal protection for your website – disclaimer, terms & conditions,
privacy policy and more.

hiring a team package

Contracts for hiring multiple team members – VA, graphic designer & others.

joint venture package

Contracts for working with a colleague to create a course or program.

live event package

Contracts & waivers to cover your buns for your guests & speakers at your live event.

If you worked 1:1 with an attorney, each document EASILY could cost you $1,500-3,000.
They are just a few hundred bucks – and they can be used over and over again with minor tweaks.

I created these templates to offer a DIY way
to get legally covered 24/7
that SAVES you a ton of money.

“Lisa’s legal templates are a godsend! I purchased them for my business and found them incredibly easy to use – not to mention that I saved thousands of dollars.”

I recommend them wholeheartedly. Lisa explains how to use the templates in detail and was also happy to answer questions I had via email. She’s not only incredibly smart but also one of the most heartfelt business owners I know.

Amy Lippmann

Founder of Marketing for Health Coaches

“Lisa’s DIY templates have been LIFESAVERS for me, and her ongoing support has honestly been the ONLY reason I am able to remotely navigate through all of the disclaimers, contracts, documents, etc.”

As someone who once used every excuse in the book not to embrace my gift as a light worker, I would often find myself feeling like a deer in the headlights when the thought of tackling the legal aspects of my spiritually based business. I convinced myself that there was no way I could proceed because I didn’t have the first clue when it came to managing a business from a legal standpoint. I had spent weeks searching for lawyers who were even remotely familiar with a spiritually based business.

Being somebody who is very structured, rules-oriented, it was KEY for me to find someone who truly knew what they were doing. Lisa removed that emotional roadblock for me. Most importantly, she made me feel heard, understood and supported…and that made ALL the difference.

Lisa, you are truly a God send. You are truly one of the only reasons I am able to proudly say that I am currently preparing for my first launch in just a few short weeks. Thank you for everything, Lisa!

Claudia De Mauro, M.Ed

Evidential Medium

“I love that Lisa uses ‘normal people speak’ within the language of the templates so they’re easy for both parties to understand.”

Lisa’s DIY templates have been incredibly helpful for both myself and my wife. I love how she explains the chakras aligned with each template in an accompanying audio and video.

Kyle Schmitt

WordPress and Tech Consultant for Beginning Entrepreneurs

“Lisa’s templates have helped me feel confident and effective as I develop the legal aspects of my new project.”

Legalities can make me nervous creating undesirable slow downs. Now I feel confident and effective. Truly thankful!

Jennifer King Blackledge, Ph.D

Licensed Psychologist

I felt SO understood and safe and like I was going to get exactly what I needed – and I DID! I made my highest offer ever and made over $31,000. using Lisa’s template.

Lisa has made a huge difference in my business! I am a Spiritual Gifts Teacher. I went looking for “coaching contracts” on Google and stumbled across her website.

It made me cry with joy because it’s so beautiful & organized by chakras! It was a pleasure to send my contracts to the 7 women who enrolled in my 6-month-$4,500-program! This is the biggest package I’ve ever offered and I knew my butt was covered from all angles because of Lisa’s templates.

The world is a better brighter place because of you, Lisa! THANK YOU for being *exactly* who I needed in my path at the exact right time – with your gorgeous sales pages, easy payment process, and high quality product offering this has been a breeze! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Kami Orange

Spiritual Gifts Teacher

“After having experienced a few not so pleasant situations that could have been avoided with a solid contract, I was so grateful to have found Lisa’s DIY Client Agreements.”

Knowing that she is an attorney made me feel confident that her products would deliver – and I was right! I now have peace of mind when taking on new clients that I’m protected. I highly recommend Lisa’s work to any entrepreneurs out there looking for legal support!

Kim Perry

Life & Business Strategist

Important Note:

Please note that these documents are legal templates that you complete and personalize yourself. An audio guide tells you what the document says (in plain English!) and you just fill in the blanks. You really can do it yourself. But, know that these documents do NOT create an attorney-client relationship and are not to be construed as legal advice. Always have a local attorney review any legal document that you use to be sure it complies with your state and local laws. Lisa is licensed as an attorney in the State of Ohio.

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