I spent so much of my life not knowing the symbolic meaning of numbers. In high school, I was only into numbers from the standpoint of algebra, geometry and calculus (oh, that dreaded calculus!). I truly had no idea that numbers had any other meaning.

In fact, I have noticed that most people spend most of their lives not aware of the deeper messages, signs or meanings in things.  It’s not their fault, of course. Very few people teach kids the hidden meaning of numbers – or animals, or dreams, or other symbolic representations.  How can you possibly know what you have never been taught? You don’t know until you know… you know?  🙂

But once you DO know… WOW! Life gets so much richer when we see the deeper meaning in daily activities… and yes, that includes numbers!

You have probably noticed that I have been writing a lot about Numerology this month.  I find it completely fascinating. Did you know that in Numerology, the year 2015 is an “8” year?

The way you identify it as an “8” year is by adding up the numbers in the year 2015 to get a sum total of 8. (2+0+1+5 = 8.)

In Numerology, “8” is associated with career, business, authority, abundance, financial success, and money.

“8” is strong, direct, and confident.

“8” is on a mission.

“8” is about balance.

You can just look at the number to see that the top and the bottom of the number 8 are traditionally in equal balance.


8 can represent simply creating balance in your life.

Or, we can look at 8 more broadly to represent the balance of nature versus nurture. The material world versus the spiritual world. Immediacy versus infinity. After all, when “8” is turned on its side it just happens to create the infinity symbol.  Hmmmm….


And, of course, how could we forget everyone’s favorite childhood toy – the “Magic 8” ball! (Yes, I had one. You probably did too!) I have to believe there’s a reason that they decided to imprint this ball with an “8” and label it “magic”.


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“8” is magical.

So, why should you care about the number 8 and Magic 8 balls? How do they relate to your business?

Well, because 2015 is an “8” year, it means that it is FULL of good juju for business – both now AND in the future.

This means that the climate is ripe for greater financial success and abundance. There is already a predisposition towards confidence, leadership, achievement, and success in 2015. For you and for me. For ALL of us. Isn’t that cool?

To fully harness the power of this 8 year, now is the time to get organized and get your legal ducks in a row so your business can receive and hold increased financial success heading your way in the coming year.

NOW is the time to figure out what legal steps you need to take. Have you been considering whether you need to:

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  • Get your contracts updated to reflect your current programs and services.
  • Trademark your new tagline that you absolutely LOVE!
  • Find out if it is the right time for you to form an LLC or S-Corp.
  • Put Website Terms + Conditions on your website to protect your content.

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