You may know already that I have a legal wonder twin, Gena Shingle Jaffe! Gena is a fellow attorney, B-Schooler and Gemini!

She and I are two lawyers who have uniquely come together to help you feel safe and secure in your business – and to do it with some sparkle and soul.

We’re so excited to announce that we will be re-opening our super successful Damsel goes bare™ legal course this fall!

Because we can’t contain our excitement, we want to gift you with our legal guide – “4 Legal Musts for a Sparkly & Soulful Biz” – so you can be in the know about the first 4 steps to protect your biz BEFORE the course even relaunches.

  • Wondering what you need to do to protect your website?
  • Not sure if you really need to use a Client Agreement?

Then you’re going to thank your lucky stars that you have this guide!

Download your free legal guide on the 4 Legal Musts here!

You’ll also automatically join the waitlist to be among the first to get the deets when we announce the Damsel goes bare course in a few weeks.

Want to know our 4 LEGAL MUSTS-Find out at

CLICK HERE to find out the first 4 legal steps to take to protect your business and your website.

Here’s to being “in the know” and to legally covering your business buns!

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