I was writing Chapter 3 of my upcoming book the other day on the third chakra and confidence (so exciting!), and I was reflecting on how easy to get stuck in my own “stuff” that keeps me small.

Things like:

The guilt that I should be bringing in more income.
The shame that I’m not where we want to be yet.
The fear that everyone will see me as a fraud.
The comparisonitis that I’m not doing it “right.”
The frustration that I can’t get “there” – wherever “there” happens to be at that moment.

Do you know what I mean?

Sometimes we seem to have lost our confidence, and we can’t seem to find it.

We talk ourselves out of creating that next offering or of applying for that next speaking gig or of picking up the phone to reach out to someone because fear or worry gets in the way.

People say to me, “But, Lisa, you always seem so put together and so happy. You never seem to have a bad day. I would never guess that you beat yourself up the way that I do looking in from the outside.”

That’s just it, right? We only see what’s on the outside.

Believe me, I beat myself up too. A lot. And it isn’t fun.

When I’m feeling small and blue… that’s exactly when I need to something or have someone come along and activate me.

Sometimes we need something outside of ourselves to pull our patooties out from under that security blanket of insecurity (ah, love the juxtaposition!) and shift our energy.

Because we are stuck.

And being stuck isn’t going to get us where we want to be.


That’s why I love to offer you tips and tools to get you to shift – to activate you – into taking the next right action step for you.

My soul friends, Mastermind sisters, spiritual advisors, business coaches, and my encouraging hubby all do this for me – so I want to pass it on and do it for you.

Prema Lee Gurreri and Dr. Kimberly McGeorge recently invited me to be part of the Your Business Brilliance MasterClass to help share how I get activated in my business.

Your Business Brilliance Masterclass


You may want to check it out. This isn’t your usual, run-of-the-mill interview. #notyourtypicalmasterclass

Here’s what they asked me:

1. What do you consider to be your unique business brilliance?
2. How you have used your brilliance to become successful?
3. What have you had to overcome to really step into your brilliance and become successful?
4. Because this is a how-to MasterClass, what practice, process, or advice do you have to share with our audience today?

Interesting, right? You may want to grab your journal as you listen and answer the questions about your OWN life and create your own business blueprint.

Not such an easy thing to do, eh?

Besides me, you’ll hear incredible experts who have been on TedTalks, multiple TV programs and International Radio answering these same questions, like Joe Vitale, Jenn Scalia, Michelle Vandepass and Debbi Dachinger.

You can join us and listen in for free HERE.

Trust me, these are questions and answers that you won’t hear on any other business mastermind, and I know you won’t want to miss it.

Here’s to activating your business brilliance and to not staying stuck and small!

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