This week I was described by the fabulous Carey Peters and Stacey Morgenstern of Holistic MBA as “one part Lawyer, one part Life Coach and one part Woo” – and I’d say that pretty much sums me up!

I have always been multi-interested, multi-faceted, and multi-talented.

I have never been “just one thing”.

I would be willing to guess that you might describe yourself the same way. #likeattractslike

That’s what I love about entrepreneurs.

When we allow ourselves to express our many sides to the world, our clients benefit from ALL of our gifts.

But, I wasn’t always this way. I thought I had to walk a straight path and stay ”inside the box” to be successful. To be respected. To be liked.

For so long, I had kept the Woo-part and Life-Coach-part of me under wraps.

Because lawyers aren’t supposed to be Woo. We’re supposed to be serious. And straight-laced. And proper. Not into stuff like personal growth or shamans or crystals. #seriouslypeople

Laywers certainly aren’t supposed to look like this:


Or this:


I wasn’t until almost 3 years ago, when I attended 2 live events hosted by Christina Morassi, the former heart-centered photographer turned Ecstatic Branding Coach, that my perspective changed.


I distinctly remember that Christina encouraged us to know we had permission to “bring all of our gifts together” and FULLY express them in our businesses, and not to leave “parts of us on the cutting room floor.”

She said that even if we had left jobs or situations in the past that no longer served us, we could “take the parts that were good and bring them into our new business to create something that doesn’t yet exist”.

And she said that allowing ALL parts of us to show up in our biz is what will make us unique and distinguishable from all others in a similar field.  Wow. Shazam!

I had no idea I was even ALLOWED to do that. I thought that when I had left the big law firm years ago, I had to leave the law altogether.

It never dawned on me that I could do it differently, so I threw the whole legal baby out with the bathwater. (That’s a terrible expression, I know, but you get the point.)

It was an enormous paradigm shift for me. It changed everything.

From then on, I felt like I had permission to let ALL parts of me show up in my business. That’s when I transitioned from just Health and Life Coaching to Legal Coaching. That’s when I embraced the Lawyer part, the Life Coach part, and the Woo part of me. That’s when I embraced ALL of me.

And that’s why I wanted to bring ALL parts of me to my new legal course – “get legally covered so you can go bare”.



I wanted to create a course in a way that makes taking legal steps clear and easy – but also supports you in both practical and spiritual ways.  

Here’s how the various parts of ME show up to benefit YOU:

  • LEGALLY (Lawyer): You get 8 (yes, 8!) legal documents and checklists to cover your buns and build a solid legal foundation for your business, keeping you SAFE and SECURE.#getlegallycovered
  • PRACTICALLY (Life Coach): You learn what each document is, why it is important, and how it protects you, so you can feel CONFIDENT and EMPOWERED knowing what the heck it says .#knowledgeispower
  • ENERGETICALLY(Woo): You learn how each legal step is aligned with a chakra and how it helps to strengthen your boundaries, plug money leaks and UP YOUR BIZ VIBE. #lawisspiritualtoo

If this way of approaching the law resonates with you, and you have been wanting to get your legal ducks in a row for a while, then NOW is the time to do it!

Go to for course details and to sign up now! The course starts on Monday 4/20!

Don’t wait b/c I don’t want you to miss out on this amazing, multi-faceted legal course for entrepreneurs!

It’s the ONLY legal course you’ll ever find where you get the benefit of a Lawyer, Life Coach and Woo all in one mentor (me!)

I hope you will join us!

Here’s to multi-faceted entrepreneurs, sharing ALL parts of you in your work, and to getting legally covered!

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