:: Do you want to make a GREAT income living your life’s passion?

:: Do you want to be a GREAT leader of your biz but do it in a heartfelt way?

:: Do you want to have GREAT success that is fully aligned with your soul? Well, guess what?

You CAN!

The Be GREAT! Conference in Seattle from October 23-25 will help you shift your mind and your business to break through barriers that are holding you back from GREAT success, however success is defined for you.

Learn how to Be GREAT in your business while being fully aligned with your soul.


I am thrilled to be a Keynote Speaker at the Be GREAT conference held at the beautiful Hotel Motif in Seattle. #totally honored

During my talk about “The Law and the Chakras”, you’ll learn how aligning your legal steps with the energy centers of your body helps you Be GREAT in your business by exponentially supporting the pillars of your body and your business from the inside out. #thelawisspiritualtoo

At this conference you’ll also learn BIZ and SPIRITUAL tips from leaders such as:

  • Lyndsey Paul, World-Renowned Psychic Medium
  • Elena Lipson, Divine Self-Care Mentor
  • Chantelle Adams, Professional Speaker and Speech Stylist
  • Celia Ward-Wallace, Creator of the Super-Fly Soulful Business Program
  • Lindsay Pera, Mystic Mama and Founder of the Mystic Society
  • Alexis Pierce, Life & Business Strategist, Yogi and Tantra Expert

… and over 20 other amazing “woo-meets-business” speakers brought together by conference visionary Dori Ransom!

Each speaker will speak from the stage or host a workshop that offers unique and proven ways to align your business strategy WITH YOUR SOUL that will assist you in moving through your fears and self-limiting beliefs. #whichiswhatweallwant

And because I want to help you Be GREAT, I am giving away 3 tickets for FREE!

Yep!  Because I want YOU to align your biz strategy with soul + spirit, I am holding a contest to give away 3 tickets (valued at $349 each) to this amazing event!

And, just to get you excited about this conference, check out these FUN highlights of the event:

  • A shake-your-soul-down-to-your-boots dance party.
  • A book-signing reception where you can mingle with the speakers.
  • A speaker hour for you to ask in-depth questions.
  • Discussion activities that help you dig down to the core of your beliefs and break through old resistance patterns.
  • Focused, brief yet powerful and usable presentations every day.

You’ll come away equipped and inspired to live your best life and do your best work while deepening your spiritual practice.

And you’ll meet the most amazing people, attendees and presenters you’ll really groove with. #jivewiththetribe


Here’s how you can win: 

Just tell me in 250 words or less how you want to Be GREAT in your business by better aligning your business strategy with your soul and spirit. Click HERE to enter before October 1st at 11:59pm ET.

That’s it!

I’ll be selecting 3 lucky recipients from the entries that speak most to my heart yet show me how you truly desire to bring more of your soul into your work going forward. #sobringiton

The 3 recipients will be notified by e-mail on October 2nd and will have 24 hours after notification to claim your ticket; otherwise, another recipient will be selected (cause LOTS of people will want to go!) so watch your e-mail on October 2nd to see if you are a lucky winner!

Ready to win a FREE ticket and head to Seattle for 3 days of learning, tapping into your intuition, and creating alignment between purposeful work and GREAT money?

I can’t wait to hear why you want to receive a free ticket to the Be GREAT Event! Enter here.

Here’s to combining business and spirit and to Being GREAT in Seattle together!

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