Lately, I have been spreading the love on Facebook by shining a “Legal Love™ Spotlight” on entrepreneurs who I just adore.

I absolutely love holding the vision for other entrepreneurs, getting their legal docs in place, and celebrating their successes.

Everyone in our online world is so freaking talented and it feels good to celebrate each other. I love learning what they do, what makes them tick, what their passion is, and how they’ve built their successful business. I always want to know their shortcuts and lessons learned.

I ALWAYS want the skinny on the best coaches, best business systems, and best online tools so I can save time, energy and money.

It seems we ALL have struggled at one point or another to figure out the back end of running a biz – and it can be frustrating and time-consuming.

I love business systems that are super-user-friendly, reasonably priced and easy for a technophobe like me. #makeiteasyplease

Over the past 3.5 years that I’ve been a Legal Coach & Holistic Lawyer, I have been through 2 online platforms, 2 online scheduling tools, 2 payment systems, 3 VAs, and countless journals and planners to try to keep myself on track. I spent THOUSANDS of dollars on an online platform that I didn’t use for a year because I bought it before I was ready to really use it. #myeyeswerebiggerthanmystomach

Now that I’ve landed on systems that truly work, I want to save YOU time, energy and money – and spare you those growing pains – by giving you the deets on the tools & resources that my team uses daily and weekly to run our business effectively (because, believe me, I had to learn the hard and expensive way!)

So, without further adieu and with lots of Legal Love™, here is my Biz Love List!

Lisa' Biz Love List


I absolutely adore Simplero. Simplero is a robust email marketing, online program space, billing/invoicing system, affiliate program, and member database all rolled into one. Calvin Correli, the founder, is a B-Schooler (who is also a client) who has built one amazing business system! In fact, I used to use Ontraport and switched to Simplero 2 years ago because it is MUCH less expensive, has better customer service (they are sooooo responsive!), and everything is in one place – including a built-in affiliate program. If you don’t use an online platform yet, totally check out Simplero. #hugefan


2. ScheduleOnce

If we’ve connected for a Legal Chat or Prep Call, you’ve used Schedule Once to book your appointments. I used to use Time Trade but switched because ScheduleOnce is an easy-peasy scheduling system that sends reminders to clients, converts time zones, and allows me to highly customize the branding and text – and it connects to your Google calendar or iCal seamlessly.


3. ScreenFlow

I’ve been recording our video lessons for Damsel goes bare™ on Screenflow and absolutely love it!  Once I learned how to do it, I have even started editing my own videos (something I NEVER thought would happen!)


4. Zoom

I’ve appeared as a guest expert for others sooooo many times using Zoom and now I am a raving fan because of the high definition video conferencing experience and the ability to see everyone’s lovely faces who show up on the webinar.



My VA Amy and my Creative Marketing Director Heather use Basecamp effectively ALL the time to stay on the same page and keep me on track, but I laugh about how project management systems all seem kind of clunky to me. We’ve tried Asana and Trello, but finally landed on Basecamp as the best option out there. Even my graphic designer and website designer coordinate our work on Basecamp too!


6. Danielle LaPorte’s Planners

I started the year using Danielle LaPorte’s Daily Planner and I was starting to find that having “less” space to write in was actually “more” for me, so this week I ordered the WEEKLY Planner version which has arrived and I LOVE it! It’s a little lighter and smaller, but still has room for daily CDFs, to do lists, weekly summaries, and inspirational quotes. Planners feel like order, self-care and time-savers all rolled into one!


7. Yeti Blue microphone

OMG, this is the ultimate USB mic for professional recording. I use the Yeti Blue microphone for my Q&A calls, my course trainings, being a guest on podcasts and more! I love it! You feel like you are in a radio station on a radio show (minus the headphones, electronics and producers, of course – but you get the idea!)


8. Instant Telesminar

IT is my go-to for my Q&A calls! Not only does it make scheduling telephone conferencing calls simple, but I love being able to send out recordings, share slides, and more. Check it out Instant Teleseminar HERE.


9. Canva

Not a graphic designer? Me either, but Canva gives you the ability to easily create beautiful designs with their drag and drop features! I create a lot of my own images because it feels like exercising my creativity and “playing” to me!


10. E-Sign

You know me – I’m all about Client Agreements and contracts. E-sign by Adobe Document Cloud empowers you to get legitimate signatures on documents electronically so you don’t have to worry about scanning or snail mailing! There are others I like too like and

I hope that sharing these resources helps you save time, streamline your processes, and take your business to the next level.  What business systems have you found are the best for you? Feel free to comment below and let me know what your faves are.

These really are the systems my team and I use on a daily basis. I am an affiliate for some of them and some of them I’m not, but I want to share them ALL with you because I know they can help you too! Please note that as an affiliate I may receive commissions or other compensation. (BTW, Legal Love Tip: The FTC requires that whenever you are an affiliate and promoting others’ work through your e-newsletters, you are required to disclose it to your readers.) Lots of Legal Love to you!

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