There’s just 1 day left!

I’m sending you so much Legal Love today as I remind you that you’ve got ONE DAY LEFT to sign up for Damsel goes bare™, our 8-week long course for business babes who like their legal knowledge served with a side of sparkle and soul.

Gena and I cannot wait to cover client agreements, website documents, trademarks, copyrights, corporate entities, and MORE and, teach you the legal pieces you need and how to customize them to your unique business! (over $30,000 in value- no joke!)

AND everyone who signs up receives a pre-course LIVE BONUS CALL with Gena and me to help you MAXIMIZE your MONEY at the end of the year! #shazam

We’ll be sharing how you can maximize your business expenses in 2015 to save taxes during this fiscal year so you can get a financial running start into 2016! #whodoesntwantthat

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If you miss your chance today, you won’t have another one for (at least) 6 long months! And those are cold, long, winter months – which is NO time to keep your business uncovered. Brrrr!

Here’s to laying the legal groundwork for your business for years to come and to keeping your business buns covered and out of the cold!

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