If you are a coach, you are most likely extremely intuitive.

You probably already know that this deep intuition is one of the reasons why clients your clients are drawn to you as a coach or healer, right?

That energy, deep knowing, and the space that you hold so deeply for them to really SEE and honor themselves is SO important in your business.

During those times when you aren’t feeling as intuitive or your energy is blocked (believe  me, we ALL have those times!), despite all of your best efforts, you aren’t able to serve your clients in your most powerful way.

As you know, as a Legal Coach® & Holistic Lawyer®, I align 7 major legal steps with the 7 chakras because I believe that when we bring the right energy to our business as we get legally protected, it is empowering and transformative… both for you AND your clients. #thelawisspiritualtoo


That’s why I’m THRILLED to be inviting Alexis Saloutos, founder of Chakredy®, to share more about how to open the flow of energy through your chakras in a complimentary LIVE webinar that’s happening TODAY!


TODAY, Thursday December 10
12 pm PT/3 pm ET
Just click HERE to register for this free webinar.


During the webinar, Alexis and I are going to talk about:

  • Why you need to be conscious of your energy on a daily basis (and why this matters no matter what kind of entrepreneur you are!).
  • How to tell when your 7 chakras are unbalanced.
  • What tangible steps you can do right now to open the flow of your energy.
  • How to shift your sensitivity to become your superpower.

And – for those who join us LIVE, Alexis will be doing FREE Chakra Assessments! #surprise

Alexis has the ability to do amazing Chakra Assessments virtually for a few lucky volunteers, so you’ll want to be sure to make it LIVE. (Trust me, she is always spot on!)

Alexis has taught me so much about how to assess my own energy and unblock my own chakras that I wanted to gift you with this webinar to help YOU learn EVEN MORE about the chakras too, so you can tell when they are out of balance and how to quickly shift your energy.

We’re paying it forward, so we’d love for you to join us.

Get the login details for the webinar HERE.

BTW, the call will also be recorded so even if you cannot make it live, register and you can listen to it later.

Here’s to leveraging your intuition and balancing your chakras TODAY with Alexis and me!

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